Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bad Storms In Our Area

I sure hope you are all having a good day. I was doing okay until... I got a huge scare! I'd just turned to go inside from the porch and I heard a weather warning for our area on the tv...a tornado southwest moving east...right in the path where we live!
  While outside, I'd watched how the clouds were making up, and thought it looked like a twister; suddenly, the wind picked up blowing over things on the porch and the trees leaning across the street. I barely made it inside and struggled to close the door! It was dark as night in the house. I grabbed the babies and headed for the hall with  things to cover ourselves! They knew it wasn't good because they were shaking and hugged close to me. The wind was sooo scary, like howling aroung the house.  
  Then, just as sudden as it started, it ended...it was all gone...quite as a mouse!  So quiet it left me with this feeling I can't begin to describe. I thought maybe it was shock...I still feel it!
  I immediately call my Mom and she was a little scared, but okay however, I heard the fear in her voice!
Lisa, my baby sister is on her way to pick her up to go to her house for lunch. I listen to the weather, and it was said, where I saw the twister there was a lot of damage; the storm blew over trees, ripping some out of the ground, flooding, power out etc. while it was down, then suddenly it picked up, and was gone! But, the damage was done quickly! Thunder, lightening and rain is now severe/heavy.

Needless to say, it was really scary...and its not over...weatherman predict more to come! Lightening very bad now, so I'm getting off,
will get back when I can!

Pray that no lives will be loss during this bad storm!
Love you all,


  1. We have been having alot of tornado warnings here. It is 83 today.
    Sounds like you came a bit too close to the real thing. I would have been scared as well. Glad you are okay. I think we are in for alot of rumbling this spring.

  2. So glad that you and your family, are safe!!!!!!!!!

    What a scare!!!!!!

    Gentle hugs....

  3. Love you, too, Loretta. I'm thankful you guys are safe. Praying for all of you in the path of the continued storms.

  4. Very, very scary! The good Lord was watching over you. Stay safe my friend!

  5. Dear Loretta, Please keep safe. I hope that all goes well. I will keep you and your loved ones in my prayers. Blessings my dear, Catherine xo

  6. Scary, scary, scary. Stay safe, Loretta.

  7. Glad you're okay! I've about had it with tornadoes for a lifetime!

  8. My goodness! Sounds like a movie. So happy to hear that you and your family are okay. Be safe over there!

  9. Dear Loretta, Just checking in to see that all is well with you. Blessings my dear, Catherine xo


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