Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Saturday Ladies

Have you gal's been having a great day? I have, soaking up some sun and enjoying the outdoors! I know we can't all have it our way because of the weather difference, nevertheless, we can all reminisce, right?
  Can you believe it, my gardener finally showed today. One question to you, why do you have to practically run a person down to get him to do a job for you? It's not like you are asking for work free, right? Then, when they do show up, the hand is extended for pay...sometimes before any work has begun? This is above my head, I just can't see you?
  I just wanted to say "Hello" and to let you know what I'm up to, I'm on my way back cleaning up the different beds from the storms. Thought I'd leave a little motivational saying and greeting with you!

All the Best ToYou My Friends...


  1. I'd say, get someone else to do your gardening. This person is not very business-like, at all.

  2. Happy Saturday Loretta! When we were remodeling the old house, it was nearly impossible to get folks to show up and do what they were supposed to do. These days, we don't hire out anything we don't have to!!! Fortunately, we have a very reliable gardener.

  3. I hear ya. Tracking down someone to do a job they're being paid for isn't right.
    Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy your sunshine while you have it.

  4. It's a beautiful day in New York and hope you are enjoying your Saturday!

  5. Hi Loretta and James, havent been here in a while but want you to know I am thinking about you guys. Sorry about such a scary storm. They are so fierce sometimes. We could use some rain here but I hope no thunder storms. I agree some people are not very reliable. I grew up in a mom and pop grocery store as you know and my dad would always say "the customer is always right". That is not the slogan today... It is all about "ME" today. Where have our values gone. Not all people are like that, Thank the good Lord... Have a nice weekend dear folks. LJ

  6. Loretta,
    Hi! Happy Saturday to you!
    Nice motavational message.
    I haven't gotten out in the yard yet to begin. The weeds seem to be really getting bad around here.
    Hope you have a good night.

  7. I'm with Auntie. Get another gardener. Business should be treated like business. Glad you are enjoying yourself over there.

  8. Hi, Loretta...hope your weekend is going good.
    We worked in our yard yesterday but after the terrible drought we suffered thru last summer, we have very little grass left but LOTS of weeds. Oh, dear, it sure isn't a pretty sight. :(

  9. When we had some guys fix our basement they gave me all their friends numbers was a gold mind!! all hard working honest workers....word of mouth recommendations are the way to go!!

  10. It's very hard finding reliable help! I count my lucky stars that finally I have found someone who is hardworking, on time and honest! Let's see it only took...what 23 years!!!

  11. Those are great motivational quotes. I had a wonderful weekend with my husband. I hope you had a great weekend as well!

  12. I am in Fl with grandkids so I miss my garden but enjoying the babies. Enjoy your outdoors, Loretta....Christine

  13. Loretta, thanks for the words of inspiration. We tend to forget, life is about people and not things. Enjoy.


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