Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Sunday Ladies

Good Morning,

Is it as sunny and beautiful where you are today? I sure hope so. I love Spring... don't you? Yeah, I know you do, which is why i'm giving you a walk through my garden today. I know you will find it just as enjoyable as everyone does. So, hurry and get ready.
  Some areas are still under consideration for new beds, but i've cleaned up a bit, so grab a cuppa and let's get started. Oh, you might want to put on your Wellies, it is still rather wet from the storms.

After all the planning to upload, I still managed to get my pictures out of place. I'll do what I can to guide you through. This pic above is the east side garden with Azaleas, Spiraea and other ground cover.

 This is the largest white Azalea in the front yard that will have to be trimmed this year. We moved in to late to trim it last year. Everyone is saying to leave it, but it gets too leggy and doesn't do as well if you don't give them a little care.

 This is the same one...if you look closely you will see the pink (I think) peeking out. The white one dominates the red one behind it. I am now on the west side and down in the driveway.

 The same as above but I panned you can see, it is covering the brick wall and is almost hanging to the ground below.  Everyone passing through slows or stop to view our gardens, or take pictures. It is really beautiful!

I'm still on the west side,but looking up to the front yard. The neighbors house can be seen in this shot too.

 Sorry, this is a shot back on the east side. Across the street are other neighbor's homes.

More white Azaleas
 This is a shot of my Dogwood in the east back yard. I can't get the shot I'm looking far, but this one was taken just before the storms rolled in. It is a beautiful tree. It was planting in the middle with red Azaleas planted all around it!

 Now, back on the west side front drive, these are the stairs to the front yard. The sun rays are beautiful this AM. I had to cut down the flowers on the left of the stairs, because it was dead. I'm thinking of letting the ground cover on the top grow down to fill this spot. It can get quite leggy too.

 The other side of the drive has a shorter wall with pretty ground cover the length of the driveway. Some of it is making its way up the tree. folks are always stopping by to ask for a cutting of it! In the background of this pic, you will see part of the city park. In a couple of hours, the children will be out playing, yelling and having a good time. The maintenance crew were out early mowing and getting it ready for today. That's the neighbor's kitty on top of the wall. She's looking at me, but the sunlight is so bright you can't see her face.

 I walked down the drive a bit to get this shot.

Standing on the stairs below to get this shot! These are the same stairs.

 Shot from the other side of the driveway

The east front of the house

 Close ups of the different flower beds...Enjoy!

I sure hope you enjoyed our little walk...Oh, was it too much for you? I'm sorry. Why don't you come sit a spell on the front porch. We have plenty of chairs, and I'll go in and get us all some iced tea, cucumber sandwiches, and lemon cake. How does that sound? Oh goodie, come on in and refresh yourself after that walk. We just love having you here!
  Thank you for coming to tour our you can see, we still have a lot to do, if I can just get some good help. Oh well, It may take me a while, but I think I will start getting the work done.

Hope you have a beautiful Sunday Afternoon!
Loretta & James



  1. What a warm, wonderful, inviting home!

  2. Oh,my kind of yard!!! Filled with magnificent flowers. Your home is lovely, also. This is such a beautiful time of the year to show off the beauty they can bring to us ...

    Have a beautiful day ~
    TTFN ~

    ~ GIVEAWAY ends 3/30 ~

  3. Your yard is gorgeous. Thanks so much for the tour Loretta.

  4. Thank you for sharing your garden, I love it. All your photos are beautiful. No flowers yet here but soon I hope.

  5. Love your charming house, and what a beautiful yard!

  6. So pretty! Thanks for the walk! Your yard and home are very lovely and I can see why people stop to admire and take pics, I know I would! Now, about that lemon cake....Have a great week!

  7. Your home and gardens are Beautiful!!! Thank you for the lovely tour!
    Have a wonderful night!!
    Nancy xx :D

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog. It was fun to take 'a walk' in your yard! Lovely pics

  9. The lovely flowers and greenery are so inviting, very pretty!


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