Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rain Rain and More Rain

Thanks to our God, we weathered the storm, but it was sooo scary. This was the first time I've seen these kind of clouds...they were ominous! Lightening was fierce...seemingly there were hits-after-hits with booming thunder. Usually you hear about rain-wrapped tornadoes at night, but these were formed that way when they past over the southern half from us. Flooding is all over...rain continues until tomorrow. The storm did bring cooler temps...we are at 50 degrees now, however, the house feels damp.

  I want to thank you all for your comments. Please know they are always appreciated and welcomed. Thanks sooo very much!
  I didn't eat a meal only fruit yesterday, so when I came to the kitchen this morning, I felt like eating! I had my usual bowl of Cheerios with a sliced bananna, and a cup of coffee. Afterwards, I got busy cooking. 
  I didn't have a menu planned, so I just took food from the freezer, cupboard, etc.  I didn't, for some reason, have any one invited to come over...this was a good thing...I just cooked earlier, because weather reports are...flooding and more power outages, even school closures.  
This is what I ended with for lunch. Smothered pork-loin with peppers and onions, baby lima beans, yellow rice, thin-cornbread green salad-w-ranch dressing, and for dessert...Brownies!

I didn't realize the meat was covered...could not be seen, but it is there!

I love yellow rice and it is just as easy to prepare as white rice.

The salad is simple with veggies and a prepared ranched dressing.

 Brownie's are not from scratch, but they are just as tasty


Although my meal wasn't from scratch, it is still a healthy meal and just as yummy! (No bragging, I promise). 
 I didn't sleep soundly last night because of the storms, I was up very early. However, after cooking this meal, I am ready for a nap. The babies are way ahead of me. I put the heater on and they are all curled up in their pillows fast asleep.
  I sure hope you enjoy viewing my quick and easy meal. We wish you a wonderful day and a relaxing evening to come. Thanks so much for visiting and a hardy Welcome to all who are new followers!

Happy Spring!


  1. Nothing worse than throwing good food out because of power outages. That's what must have got you going. Hope it stops raining soon. Over 80 again today. I think we have some storms coming soon. Yuck.

  2. Weather can be a scary thing - and there's not a thing we can do about it. That food looks yummy! I know it was delicious.

  3. Storms are so scary! I don't like them at all. Glad they have past and you can now take a moment to take a deep breath!
    Nice looking food. Yummy!

  4. Hi sweet Loretta! Hope all is well with you my friend!! So glad to hear you weathered the storm! and this food looks awesome!! I LOVE our blog header!! How sweet!

  5. Your food always looks so wonderful :)

  6. Many good wishes, for riding out the rest of this storm-business. And the after-effects.

  7. Hang in there. Hopefully the storms will be over soon. This is the lunch your were speaking of? Goodness. This is lunch for a couple of days. I think I will have this for my cyber dinner today. Are you including the brownies on that healthy list? Just wondering.

  8. Hi, I'm a new follower and enjoying your blog! I hate storms too and I'm glad you're OK. I must say your lunch looks scrumptious ~ brownies are my #1 favorite!!

    Thank you for following me too! =]

  9. hope the weather is nice and sunny for you! your food looks yummy!!


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