Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy Thursday Everyone

Good Sunny Morning, are you having a beautiful one? The sun is shining here and everything is washed clean from the rain, and green is everywhere!

I have put together more of my funny directive for you to view this morning...I hope they bring smiles and happy feeling to you. Yeah, I'm at it again...hop on over to #2 to see what's's the link:  Love You!


  1. So glad the sun is shining and the storms are gone!!!

  2. Good Morning Loretta, it's cloudy in Atlanta and rain expected. We need it to help wash away the pollen. Have a great day!

  3. Hi Loretta.
    Not sure why I don't show up on your GFC reader? I don't have the linky thing. Sorry. Too many buttons going on out there, lol.
    Glad you were safe from that storm. Glad your mom was safe too poor thing. 3 of my pups are scared to death of lightning and thunder. 2 that are were adopted so not sure of their pass. I never liked storms either. I would crawl in bed with my sister when I was young.
    Glad you found me again. I don't post often, but I'm consistent.
    Love Claudie


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