Sunday, October 9, 2011

Trouble Troubles

This is what I feel like doing sometimes with all the trouble I've been experiencing with blogger. However, I know it will not solve my problem, only loose my computer!
For the last two weeks, each time I publish a post it take, first about 45 minutes, now it is over an hour or longer before it shows in the reader.
I tell you it is driving me @#$^&*+?@#* BEANS!
 Please tell me, am I the only one having this trouble? If you are, what are/have you done to solve it?
Please let me know!!! I have such a busy schedule this month and waste so much time checking back to see if the post is there.
I know, its a small thing, but it simply drives me crazy!! What's the solution! Heeeellllllpppp! I need you...


  1. Hi Loretta, I haven't experienced this problem. Hope it clears up for you. I like the photo with your post, she's had it :-) Happy Monday!

  2. Hi Loretta, Ive been having blogger problems too, fingers crossed these last 2 days it hasnt been a bad so hopefully blogger is sorting it out. Scarlett x

  3. Wow, I wish I could help! I haven't been having any issues so I would guess it's something to do with your internet browser or computer. So frustrating!

  4. Loretta, I haven't been having a problem with that, but the problem I have is when I try to click on Google Friend Connect, it says it can't take me to that site because there is a 404 error. Can't figure out what to do on it. :/ Good luck on your problem and if you know anything about my problem and can shed some light on it, please do! Have a great evening... ~Renee'


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