Friday, October 7, 2011

We've Reach 100 Followers!

Welcome, welcome to each one of you!
 I am sooo excited to have you here! Thank you for become our follower and we hope we have tons of fun and share as many ideas we can gather.

 You don't know how much you have touched our lives since this all started almost 11 months ago! Your friendship means so much to James, and especially to me. We love hearing about you and your family and sharing your lives with us. Thank you dear friends. And somewhere, somehow, we hope we have touched you in a similar way.

 Soon we will announce our next giveaway. Our selection was foiled because the company discontinued it. We are back to square one looking, but will have things back on track soon.

Thank you all so very much once again and we wish you all a great weekend with friends and family.

May the Lord's Rich Blessing be with you and yours' this Autum...2011!

Loretta & James


  1. Dear Loretta and James: It has been a pleasure getting to know you and congratulations on reaching 100 Followers! God bless you both and have a wonderful weekend!
    Gloria xxoo

  2. So glad i found you & im glad to have you as a friend! You seem like a sweetheart. Hope you both have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Now that's a nice round number! I look forward to the day I have that one too. congrats!


  4. Congratulations Loretta! A lovely milestone.

  5. Thanks for stopping by. It's nice to be home, but sure am missin our little Renee. Jess called and they went to town today for Gumbo fest. Such good food. Sometimes a little too spicy for me, but always try everything. Congrats on your 100 followers! Have a great week, jo in MN

  6. Congrats and many blessings! I love the fabulous photos, as they inspire me to dress-up my home.

  7. Happy 100! What a delightful group to be part of. Wishes for a bright and blessed week, my friend.


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