Saturday, October 15, 2011

Good Saturday

"How ya'll are? I'm glad for you to see me, I guarantee!"
This was the greeting of a southern cook name, Justin Wilson from South Louisiana.
  Justin is deceased now, but I want you to know from those old television shows, I learned a lot about southern cooking. I've been busy in the kitcken today. This morning I made scones, but I didn't cut them in the pie shape they are suppose to be, (I rarely do) rather, I used my biscuit cutter. I had a taste for them with cream cheese and blackberry jam. Coffee went better with them than tea this morning.
  After sitting and enjoying them on a cool morning with James; Ashley, Amanda and Lovie my fur-babies...

the hubster came in while I was relaxing in my rocker and announced, "What's for lunch?" I could have hit the ceiling! What do you mean...for lunch, you just had brunch! "I know, but I'm hungry for know...FOOD!" I guess he thought he was eating HAY or something earlier, Huh?

 Well, I finally got up and put together a menu, Greek Chicken-with-olives and oregano; Black-Eyed-Peas with ham, Rice with homemade Gravy, Cornbread; and, an Apple,Carrot, Raisin Salad.

This is a hungry man's menu and the plate, or should I say platter is full. I told him not to kill himself eating so much, but, Lord, I love to see a hungry man eat my food! Even his brother who came to visit just in time!

When I put this peach cobbler on the table with a cup of coffee, that ole' bro-in-law thought he'd died and gon' to glory! That's what he told me! Seconds, thirds, and I had to hide my cobbler! That ole' boy tried to eat the 'hole thing!
Well, I hope he got a belly full because it will be a long time before he put those 12's under my table again! I guarantee! I mean it and I tol' James! Ya'll know I like to have fun...don't you? But, I'm serious about this!

I hope you're having a good ole' time this weekend! And if you're not cooking, then, I guess you're the ones who have won! LOL! Take care now, and remember, James and Loretta care for you too! Bye now...


  1. Sweet friend, I love your 'things of beauty'. The old buildings are fabulous. I often wonder what occurred behind the front door. Oh, if walls could talk.

    Chuckle! No size 12 again gettin' ner yor' peach cobbler?! You are too funny. That is how it was with my bread pudding. GONE without a plate!

    We still have not had a frost here, relatively warm tho today a brisk wind.
    I have pre-posted some shares while I won't be able to see after surgery.

    Love you my friend.
    Have a beautiful weekend
    TTFN ~

  2. I am humbled by your comment. Thank you for speaking truth to my situation.


  3. WOW, everything looks so good and I know it was delicious. The peach cobbler was a sweet way to top off the scrumptious meal.

  4. Those black eyed peas look sooo good.

  5. You mean I could have had a southern meal this weekend instead of bran cereal if I just checked my blog? Everything looks fabulous. Does hubby know how lucky he is? I'm sure he does.

  6. Looks delicious! It must be the time of year for black eyed peas!


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