Friday, October 14, 2011

Things of Beauty To Me

Sometimes, I surprise myself when I label an object as beautiful. It can be the simplest of the simple. Or, it could be anything that makes me know, kind of tug at the old heartstrings. I know, it sounds corny, but hey, that's who I am!
  My Sisters think I'm odd the way I live my life. I suppose, because I am sooo different from all of them in every way. I'm the mundane, whereas, they border on sophistication, if you get my meaning! That's ok because, I'm my own woman, and as the saying goes..."to each his own" (to her own) in this case.

I've been through terrible odds in my life and this is how it has left me. I'm not bitter, as a matter of fact, I'm humble if anything! Life, has taught me lessons you would not believe...Grateful for some, but most...

I live for today, because tomorrow is forever! That's my motto...if you can't understand this, and if you can't understand me; my ways, and actions...then, move on, my life is too precious to waste time trying to defend myslf and who I am.

  But you know, I love people! It is just there...I'll do anything for a person, but I have my limits. They are, I'm afraid...not lengthy! However, don't we all have our "line in the sand" limits?
  My Mom is 82 years old, had only girls...5 of us. I'm the oldest at 62. I can't tell you the others ages because of that thing called 'denial', but I'm proud of my age and grateful to be alive! Nothing to hide here!
   I've thought about it, I'm no doubt older than just about all of my friends that I've associated myself with in blogville! You think?
  Well, I have totally gotten way off the subject...I really do digress, Huh?

                          Things of Beauty (to me)

This little old house! I can see the beauty in it...the charm of it, and what once was. Oh, how it would look with just a bit of paint. I'm thinking about buying one just like this...the tiny house in my dream world! 3 whole rooms just for us to get away. Old creeky floor boards, shuttered windows and a huge fireplace. And, I'll add a porch with a swing and lots of flowers. What a nice hide away it would be!

An old house like this one with a tin roof to hear the rain beating against the tin when it rains, with an old bucket beside the house that catches  the rain water. Also an old broken down fence that I'll have to way! Oh how I love how this sounds!

You know how I love flowers so, I'll have a beautiful old-fashioned cottage garden filled with heirloom flowers! I'll like to sit on my porch and watch the world go know, the good and pleasant things like:

               A breathtaking sunset

A stormy night with thunder and lightning, but not with huge storms!

I'd love to see a beautiful moon on a clear night.

  I love snow...I don't know maybe I've watched too many old black-and-white love love of all times!  During the winter months, I want to be snowed in with lots of supplies to last until Spring thaw.

A roaring fire in the fireplace that keeps the little house toasty for us on those cold, cold and snowy winter nights near the mountains. And, have the furbabies lying down in front of it as they would at home on the warm comforters that I made for them.

 Seeing everything crystal, crisp and snowy. Then, waking in the morning to a winter wonderland undisturbed! Wow, I could really live this way totally!

However, it is only in my dream home...the little old house nestled in the woods near the mountains. I can go there whenever I want to get away and live my simple life. Can dreams become reality?
 Hopefully one day soon it will become real for me. All I need to do, is sign on the dotted lines and it will be mine! But you know me...I am constantly digressing....Oh the shame of it!



  1. Loretta, love this blog and the pictures! You remind me of me and my husband. Just like I wrote about today in my blog, it's all about our quality of life and how we view things. The little cabins tell a story all of their own, the beauty God created around us is awesome!!! Anyway, I better stop before I get started! lol...Have a great evening! ~Renee'

  2. No I pretty much feel the same way about life as you do! I see the beauty in almost everything. My home is old and the floors creak away and the sight and sounds make me love it all the more...
    A picture tells a thousand words.
    Hugs Rosemary...xx

  3. Your dream home sounds perfect. It sounds just like the one in my dreams.

  4. Beautiful collection of pictures and dreams :-)

  5. Loretta,
    What a darling little cabin! I want you to know there is a small OLD town in Utah called Spring City that has many similar older homes. It has become an artist community with people in their 50s and 60s moving in, fixing things up, and leaving the city behind. They are thriving with less, and once a year they open their homes to the public as a fundraiser for the historical society.
    I think your cabin is perfect. YOU GO GIRL! Live your dream!


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