Friday, April 1, 2011

Yeah, My Garden Is Growing

We have not has any rain since I planted part of my garden. So, i've been watering to help the growth. These pics shows how well it is growing.

This row has young peppers growing and 2 squash plant have covered the rows!
Beans and melons on these rows

I started the peppers, tomatoes and squash from seeds during the 1st of January, then planted the plants in the garden. Now they have blooms, and peppers, and squash on them!

There is one lone tomato, but notice the young squash plant. I decided to add a few more to the row, they are much younger than the others.

On the row where the squash covers the rows, I went underneath them and discovered this lone squash and all those blooms! 

I amended the soil with miracle-gro garden soil; and used miracle-gro for the veggies. They were blooming in my little hot house, now there are three small one on this one plant. . Each year I work the soil, plant and water, but it is God who makes it grow! I thank Him each time we plant and harvest, because without Him there wouldn't be anything to harvest! As it continues to grow I pray that there will be enough to share with others.



  1. You guys are going to be eating good and healthy at your house. So far this year I've been letting the pets fertilize my garden. But I don't have "eatables" in it.

  2. OK Loretta,
    I am GREEN with ENVY! We can't even plant here in Utah until after the last frost which is mid May! I hope you plan to do some cooking with all those wonderfully healthy plants. You should be very proud of yourself!

  3. You are so lucky to have a garden. I wish I could have one, but I have a brown thumb, plus all the deer and animals would EAT all my stuff! I can't wait to see all the delicious dishes you will prepare with your harvests!
    P.S. I also wanted to say that was a lovely story about your pets at the end of your post -- especially about Duke and Blackjack. What beautiful dogs they were. At least they are together now in Heaven...


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