Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Close-Up Walk

Good Morning, Here's hoping your Wednesday morning a merry one. But, just in case you are feeling a bit about a short stroll in my garden to lift your spirits. Sit back with a cup of your choice and Enjoy!

The bees were flying, buzzing and drinking. I have to be careful of them because of being allergic. But, I find them fascinating!

The Dogwoods are beautiful this year in full bloom.

 Remembr this bush. I asked the name of it.

This is what it look like now! Can you name it?


  1. Good morning Loretta. I do not know the name of it but it does look familiar. What good is that though. I love this time of year when the azaleas and the dogwoods come to life. Hope you are having a good day.

  2. Gorgeous azaleas! I have that bush too that turns real red in the winter and then all green now. I don't know what it is either.....Christine

  3. Oh please send a little of your springtime blooms this way. Very, very pretty.

  4. I'm so envious of your blooms. I'm still looking at a mostly monochrome yard.


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