Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Message Board Make-Over

I was sitting at my computer, trying hard to think of something for my column. Each time I wrote a sentence, I deleted it! I just didn't feel like writing and my little gray cells seemed to be dwindling, if that's possible.
Through all of this fog, I found myself looking at my message board on the wall! After about 20 or 30 minutes, I just took the board off the wall and did it!
The unfinished Board

I painted it red around the border

I used unfinished cut-outs from my stash to make the lady bugs design on them. I found out quickly not to move them because the paint will smudge. Not to worry, I had spares.
After gluing them in place, I allowed them to dry

This is the finished board Hanging on the wall. It certainly added a little color to that dull space. Now I will definitely use it more.



  1. Very cute Loretta. Your little ladybugs are adorable. Now you have to fill that message board up!

  2. Thats really cute Loretta. I am looking up at mine right now as I write this and it sure needs a makeover, lol...


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