Saturday, November 12, 2011

Happy Saturday Everyone...My Dinner Today

Hello Beautiful Ladies...Gents Too! Have you been enjoying your Saturday with family and friends; the fur-babies? I read your comments on the previous post and it seems my babies are not the only ones that are "PAMPERED"!
  James carried all three to the vet on Friday (the office was closed today...Vet went hunting, I don't know what is allowed now.) He told James, "Your Poodles are pampered, spoiled, but I love their kerchief"...I made those too.

  James left the vet's office $260.00 out of pocket! He allowed their pet insurance to laspe, and they got sick. Vet said it is canine flu...going around in Louisiana! They seem to be better today and not coughing so much. I'm so relieved!
  I'll try to get a pic with them wearing their kerchief. When the camera comes out, they disappear!
  Why don't you guys stop me already...I get to going and don't know when to...shut up! lol.
Here's my Dinner:

I've taken several shots for you to be able to see it all.

The chicken-and-dumpling meal is my Grandma's recipe. She always brown the chicken a little before putting it in the pot...because she didn't like the dish to be white like flour!

I love love all root vegetables, so I cook them in a seperate pot then, add them to the plate. Hubster ~say~ he can do without, but whose plate is always piled high with them? lol.

If you click on the pic to enlarge, you can see the chicken does have a bit of browning. Yes, the dumplings are homemade!

 I know you are asking about the boiled egg...I don't know why...Grandma always added it to the pot and I do too! It is delicious!

I'll post a tutorial later and the recipe

I hope you've enjoyed viewing my dinner today. I will not be with you tomorrow so, I hope you all have a Happy, Happy Sunday and
Sunday Services. Thank You all for being here and "Welcome, Welcome" you and to all newcomers! We have fun here and want you to have some too! Take Care, Until...

Warm Blessings,


  1. I'll be over for dinner. Everything looks great. Hope your furbabies are quickly on the mend.

  2. Looks delicious! Your husband is lucky!
    Have a good week!
    I also hope that your babies get better soon.

  3. I can't get my dog to get out of the photos. Tasty looking dinner!

  4. I sure hope you post the chicken and dumpling recipe. I made one and I wasnt happy with mine. It wasnt very tasty. Looks great. LJ

  5. Thanks Lady Jane. I will add it to a list of things that I need to post. lol. Thanks for visiting and your lovely comments! Loretta

  6. hi loretta! it looks yummy! i haven't had bone-in dumplings in YEARS. my grandmother always made them that way, and she also used a boiled egg. i don't know why!
    no one can make them like she did, but i am TRYING, and teaching my three girls to make them TOO. "from scratch".
    so glad to meet another Louisiana blogger! glad to follow you!

  7. Hi Loretta! Dinner looks delicious! Chicken and dumplings are a favorite of mine. I used to make dumplings with Bisquick, but now I cheat and use the refrigerated canned biscuits! LOL!! Thanks for sharing!


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