Tuesday, November 8, 2011

the way it was...The Corner Store

Happy Wednesday Beautiful Ladies! I've been in the dumps the past few days. You know...sitting around thinking about things, worrying a little...crying a bit...Well, I decided all of this was a bunch of nonsense!
  A phone call from an old friend brought about nostalgia...and thoughts of our old neighborhood corner store. The conversation awaken all of those fond memories. I remember vividly, everything about Miss Catherine's store...during the days pennies held their worth, especially to all the young ones!

The inside of store

   I remember peeking through the glass case and wanting all the goodies that were stored there. Decisions, decisions...it was hard deciding being a kid with all that candy! Why, I could buy 3-4 cookies or candy with a penny! Five cents for a short coke-cola and 5 cents for a bag of chips. A whole quarter could buy an entire lunch including your soda! That's the way it was...

It as fun searching the ground for change where older folk carelessly dropped it. Pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters...why, I remember finding a 50 cent piece and five dollars! Back then, that was a lot of money for a kid to have for spending.That's the way it was...

I remember how the grown folk played dominoes at a table there. Their laughter and voices were loud and sometimes boisterous. Youngster were not allowed to loiter...it was almost unheard of. And, you were never to interfere in grown-folk-conversations. I guarantee, if you did violate parents rules or "code of ethics", it got back to them before you you did! Sometimes, they would be waiting at the door for you! lol. But, that's the way it was...

  I miss those times when life for youths was simple, carefree, and safe. A time when playing ball, games, skipping rope, playing jacks, and with dolls, cars, trucks, etc., filled our days with joy and happiness. Following parents rules of the house were acknowledged...it kept you safe and out of trouble. That's the way it was...
  However, some viewed these times as burdensome, old-fashioned and back-woods.

  I, on the other hand, gained so much more...and because of it, my children were able to also. Don't be so quick to knock what you don't or refuse to understand and accept...there is always good to be found in most all the worst situations. Just search for it!
 What do you hold dear from your young days?       Loretta


  1. Hi Loretta, your nostalgic post brings back memories. I remember the corner store and eye-balling the goodies in the glass jars. I think my love for pennies date back to these days when that's about all you needed to buy goodies from the store. Those were the days :-) Thanks my dear!

  2. Great post, Loretta. Those were the days indeed and they are still fresh in my memory and I miss them...Christine

  3. What a special post! I love being taken back to the "good ol' days". I too remember two corner stores. There was one to the left where I bought my .25 Nehi soda and daily Snickers bar. On the other corner was actually "The Carryout". The place people came to get a great carry out meal. I spent hours there playing Pac Man and Ms. Pac Man. I got so good at those games. Those were the days.

  4. I blogged a while back about a little country store we loved growing up - the owner always gave us a lollipop when we went in :-)

  5. Loved this post. Kids today think we were so backwards and missed out on so much. I really believe that they're the ones missing out. I remember walking to the corner market every day after school, buying a candy bar and soda, sitting by the creek or climbing trees. We had our share of trouble, like falling out of trees, getting poison oak, or falling off our bikes. So simple and so fun!

  6. If I were ever offered a ride back in time on the Time Machine I would jump right on. I am so lucky that my husband and I grew up in the same neighborhood and share all the greatness of our youth! We remenise about our corner store all the time. It's the one place in the neighborhood that everyone opened the same door. Thank you for finding me, I'm sure we will be blogging friends..


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