Monday, November 14, 2011

Good Monday Morning

   Hope you are all having a beautiful day. Just in to send greetings your way and Best Wishes. I am still under this dark cloud of feelings. I'm praying it is not my 2 sons, I have not heard from them in months.
  You know that feeling only mother's have concerning their children. My 2 girls are fine, so I'm not too worried about them! Yeah, they are all grown-ups, but they are still my babies and always will be. Not knowing is what's so bad and they are so far away. The oldest on his ship somewhere he can't tell me, and my baby is in PA working. I pray they are both out of harms way.

  Wishing you all a Wonderful Week with family and friends. Take care and give your pets a big hug!

With Warm Regards,


  1. Don't ya hate when you begin to feel that way. Just an uneasy feeling that you can't explain. I know most of the time when I have felt that way it turned out to be nothing. I would just reach the conclusion that my feelings were unfounded and throw it off as nothing.

  2. Thank you...true, and I'm trying hard to shake it. Thanks for your comforting words! Hugs

  3. I can certainly understand how you feel. As parents we never stop worrying, that's our job.

  4. I hope that all is well w/ your sons. Hang in there!

  5. Hoping and praying your worries are unfounded. They should call their mother!!!

  6. Im so sorry Loretta I will pray that you hear something soon. I do understand because I have kids as well and we worry about them.

  7. I hope your boys are ok too, Loreatta. Have a great week!...Christine

  8. Loretta, I'm sorry to hear you're still under that cloud. I'll join you in prayer for your sons.

  9. The son on the ship, can they send out mail? It is probably slow if they can and the son in PA. Call him. Just tell him "I need to hear your voice and know everything is ok?" Holidays can do that to a mom, ya know... Have a great Thanksgiving you and the hubs. Blessings, LJ

  10. My kids are still under my wings.
    I hold on to the memories we make and that the day that they will fly won't come too soon.
    I know it will come though.
    I will pray for you that the Lord Jesus will give you rest and comfort in Him, Give it all to Him.
    And don't worry.
    He is more than happy to take it all from you.
    Hugs in Him,

    (you just became my newest follower and thanks again for inviting me to come over and visit with your blog.) Hope you will be back soon.

  11. Loretta, I just said a prayer to the good Lord that the cloud of worry will be lifted from you. I also prayed to St. Anthony that he find a way for your sons to realize to get word to you that they are ok. I know what it's like: I worry about my son every day and he's still living at home! So I can only imagine if one doesn't see their son(s) everyday... it will be me too one day, after my son moves out on his own, so I feel for you! Well, don't worry: St. Anthony is the BEST and he will get them to contact you soon.
    P.S. Or St. Anthony might be giving this message too: If there's any way for YOU to contact them, please do. They might be waiting to hear from YOU, you know?? xxoo

  12. Hi nice to meet you!


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