Friday, November 11, 2011

My Sewing Debut

I am looking out of my window to a bright and sunny morning! It is a cool 42 degrees, windy and I love it! Gone are the 100+ degrees and air-conditioner.
  Good Friday Morning my Friends! Hope you are all well and enjoying your day! Well, I finished my projects for my 3 fur-babies...Ashley, Amanda and Lovie...two blanket/throws. Yeah, I finally tried and actually liked sewing! I haven't done so in years.
Why didn't you remind me how relaxing it can be? They are not the best but, they are here... 

The first one is Ashley's choice of fabric. I put it on the floor and he choose by lying down on the one he likes. Mandy follows him and proceeds to test it out by rolling over and over on it. (Ashely is my smart Poodle who takes good care of his mom.)

These are closer views of the fabric. Could it have been the colors? Or, was it the the patterns in the cloth that attracted him? Who can know?

This one belongs to dear sweet Lovie. She settles for anything...if she can cuddle, she'll have it!

I knew she would like the pattern...

All three of them love love cozy, thick and fluffy blankets this time of the year so they can sink into them for warmth and good sleeping!
  Sometimes I find Mandy wrapped so tightly in her blanket, I have to release her from it. She and Ashley will not be seperated...they are brother and sister. They snooze together, sleep together, play, etc. I have thoughts that I try very hard to put behind me...what if something happens to the other...

  Well, good or bad, their blankets are done. I don't have to worry about their critique...I know they love them! However, I wonder if Mom would be as generous? lol.
  Do you have finicky, spoiled fur-babies? Do you cater to their wants and demands? Let's hear from you about your spoiled felines and canines! We Love All Pets!

Love You Too,


  1. Oh yes Loretta. I bet those babies loved their snuggle blankets. My little Buddy has a blanket too - made of fleece and it is very warm too. He only wants to be covered in the winter though. Last night he was cuddled up on my bed with his blanket and pillow. Buddy loves a pillow. We take care of our fur-babies because they appreciate us and lick us to death showing thier love. Have a great weekend Loretta and stay warm. I love this weather.

  2. Congrats on getting back to the sewing. Also glad that you find it relaxing. Isn't it nice to sew for those who can't criticize your work? That's why I only sew for dolls.

  3. Spoiled pet isn't the word for it. He rules the house. If there is such a thing as reincarnation, I have ALWAYS said I want to come back as a dog... but in an adult only household... I don't want no kids pulling my ears!!!!

  4. Oh those are beautiful and comfy blankets, Loretta. Your fur babies will be happy to use them for sure...Christine

  5. Well, my shopping spree included 3 heated beds for the kitties, 2 heated water bowls, one for the cats and one for Pepper our outdoor GS. A heated Lg. Pad for Pepper, dog food, cat food. 3 bags of human beef jerky from Costco and some cheese. So, are they spoiled. I would say yes, lol.
    Happy Friday Loretta.
    Love Claudie

  6. They turned out great! I love the colorful material :-)

  7. Hello Loretta, I just found both of your blogs and they are terrific.I am following your blog. I would love if you would visit my blog too and follow it if you like it. It would be great if we were be blogging friends. Thank you and blessings, Catherine

  8. The blankets are delightful and I like the patterns. I bet your furry friends love them and can't wait to snuggle. My cuddly cocker spaniel passed away in 2009 and I miss him. All dogs go to heaven and I know he has lots of pals. Have a great weekend!


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