Friday, March 18, 2011

What's For Supper

Today was so much like a Spring day, it wasn't hard for me to decide and prepare a meal. I went out and cleaned the winterness from the front porch, carried out my porch furniture and set it up for a twilight supper for two. I finished preparing the chicken salad, then went to the bin for potatoes to bake. No potatoes! So, this is why you see steak fries on my plate! I prepared a few condiments, and served  tall glasses of iced tea.
 It couldn't get any better than this. Afterwards, we had coffee and slices of lemon pound cake. How cool is that!
Final note: I tried to tell you what happened because...I forgot to take a picture!! Everything went wrong when I started, but I was determined to carry it out! Did you ever have this to happen to you?


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