Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Tomatoes Keep On Giving

Good Morning. Beautiful weather out of my window today. Spring is definitely in the air! Grass is growing, trees are budding, everything is growing and alive! If you are in a funk, get outside and take in the beauty of God's wonderful creations! The best medicine there is.
 Can you believe it! I still have tomatoes from last year's garden! I had to pick them when the first frost came, and then stored them in a brown paper bag in the pantry. When they started to ripen, I used them all winter, and theses are the few remaining ones.
  I bought the plant at a local Wal-Mart; it was a Bonnie plant called, "Husky Cherry Red". The plant was very healthy, and larger than the other ones so, I decided to try it.
  We planted it in a large round planter with well composted soil. I also added other soil additives and staked it. Watering was very important and I fed it with Miracle-Gro for tomatoes. Thought you'd want to try them out. I'm going to plant my Spring garden soon and I'll show you how/what I do to have a successful garden.

Hope your day a prosperous and peaceful one. Luv-Loretta


  1. I think I'm gonna add some plants to my flower gardens. The red tomatos will look growing with the flowers.

  2. I planted three tomato plants. I'll have to go see if the cherry I planted is the same variety. I can't believe that you were able to save them over the winter. It must be a lot colder there!

  3. Our winter's are quite cold here in northwest LA,this is the first time I took mom's advice to store them. I put them in the bag unwashed, then put them in my pantry...they were all green and they all ripened! Will certainly do it again! Thanks.


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