Thursday, March 17, 2011

Their Suffering and Destruction

I am appalled at the negative insults and offensive, curt remarks of some folks about the suffering, death and destruction of those poor people in Japan! To be this indifferent is troubling, even unnatural. You have to wonder, where is the compassion, the love of neighbor...the natural feelings for fellowmen!
  How can they watch the devastating loss of everything, of lives of men, women, children, and babies! All are God's creation! These people are suffering through no fault of their own. If they were to read Scripture, then they would know why these things are occurring! God is not singling out any humans. (Matthew 24:1, 6-8) tells why these things are happening!
  Their suffering certainly does not deserve this inhumane treatment by others! One important question I'd like to pose: how will you people with harden hearts, endure your test when the hour of trial comes upon the whole world? (Revelation 3:10) Thinking you're sitting in the cat-bird seat now certainly may not be as cushy as you think! Lord God, what has happened to Compassion...
 I don't pretend to have all the answers here, but folks this is a thy neighbor!


  1. I'm not sure who you are talking about. But the devastation is horrible. I watched in horror as so many people lost everything including their lives. Now we are watching what happens with the nuclear stuff. It is scary times.

  2. Yes I am talking about these poor people in Japan, but I am also making reference to those without any human compassion! Regardless to a persons race, creed, or color, when they are suffering they are still human...deserving of mercy, compassion and love from their fellowman. I'm sorry, but I feel so strongly about this. It's not natural to have/carry so much hate! Loretta

  3. When I was a kid we lived in Japan. I remember the kindness and dignity of the Japanese people. Our family home has been decorated in Japanese decor ever since then because my Mom and Dad loved the style! I'm not Japanese but have always had respect and admiration for their culture. I cried when I saw the terrible destruction there. So much was lost.


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