Saturday, March 19, 2011

Some More Thrift Finds

Our day started early to get ahead of the traffic. We wanted to hit the shops early before they became crowded. We learned a while back, in this case, the early bird saying definitely applies with thrift, and tag sales.  I was looking for a number of things today, but was not successful. I always say, never plan because you will definitely end up with nada...and this is exactly what happened today. After only three stores and picking up some pieces for my bedrooms, I was ready to call it a day. I did see a few other pieces, but I just didn't have that feeling about buying them. You know what I mean...the items are not speaking to you, and you can't see them in your decor anywhere!

The ribbon/floral motif' that's on the pitcher goes well in my bedroom. (I took these pics as before, then later I'll show you the after in the bedroom).
  The set below will go well in my peach bedroom since it's a beige color. Notice I bought another bowl and pitcher set. Who knows, we might have to use them the way they were used in older days. I'll be ready, right?

The books in the picture were given to me along with the small picture frame and swan. Finally, in the bottom pic the carousal rockers were also a gift. A friend asked me once, why do you always get things free? I shrugged...I wasn't about to tell her any of my secrets!


  1. Nice finds! The pitcher is so pretty -- I can't wait to see the photos of it in your bedroom!

    My mom and I would always say "nothing winked at me today" -- or if we had a good day and found cool stuff we'd say "too many things were winking at me!"

  2. What lovely treasures ... be fun to see how you use them all.

    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~

  3. Very pretty finds! Looking forward to seeing where you put them.


  4. Ooh lovely finds, thanks for visiting my blog and leading me to your lovely blog :o) Scarlett x


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