Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Thrift Finds




  These small nesting trunks were a great find and buy from our thrift shopping in Georgia. They were $20 for the set. They only needed a little clean up.
  I love the fruit motif, and the dark finish. Click Here to see how I've used them in my decor. Just what I needed for small storage. Ideal for storing candles too!


  1. o pretty! I used to paint a bit. My favorite was fruit on black surfaces. Your thrift treasure may just have inspired me to get the brushes out.

  2. They're lovely! I love that they are black.

  3. Loretta,
    Love your finds. Those are great looking .

  4. So pretty Loretta! The fruit matches my kitchen and a perfect place for your candles! Don't forget to add the matches! :-)


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