Friday, March 22, 2013

Amazing Curb Appeal

   I was planning my garden for this year with new plantings. I have always considered curb appeal an important factor in these plans. We will be posting our process in future postings. Stay Tuned...
  To make your home stand out among your neighbors, color color and more color are the keys in doing so. Now that Spring is here, it is definitely time to spruce up your home by enlivening the exterior with paint and beautiful flower blooms. Their eye-catching updates are sure to please everyone.
  Notice this well maintained exterior in the pitcure above. The front entry is the focal point if its curb appeal. They really made a statement by giving their front door a blast of color. Red is always an eye-catcher and this entry door along with the pops of red in the decor, sets the stage of the interior of this home!...  It invites and say...

Welcome Friends!



  1. The house looks beautiful. I agree that curb appeal is very important.
    I will stop in to see some tips.

  2. You're so right Loretta! Color is a wonderful idea to bring cheer and curb appeal to any home!


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