Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Dinning Room

Hello, how are you today?
This week is going by so fast it is hard to keep up. I wanted to share pictures of my dining room with you, and tell you a little about it. 

Because of resizing now, I wasn't able to get a full shot however, the display cases in each back corner...I use to place decorative plates, and other treasures I've collected over the years.

  It gives me a chance to change them often. As you can see, the dining table is a drop leaf that can be pulled up when more room is needed, and there are two extra leafs to be added for even more sits twelve.
  Oh, did I tell you the table and chairs belonged to my Mom? They sat in her old house after she'd moved out over five years...they were in a mess when I moved back!
She was about to throw them in the dump when we were clearing out the house to move in... and I grabbed them up!
  I couldn't believe she chose to leave the set, especially in the harsh weather here in the south. Thank goodness, the wood held up!
With a bit of TLC, I brought them back to where they are now, and I recovered the chair cushions. (I'll show them to you next time.)  I love the claw feet on the table, and the harp motif in the chair backs.
Although, the pieces have the same dark color, they are not a match. Lite colored walls, trim and accessories in the room, softens the darker color of the wood. 
   Just with a bit of work, accessories, and decor' ideas, you can take old...mix it with a few thrift-shop things, and create a beautiful room!

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  1. Loretta, so pretty! I love drop leaf tables! My grandmother had one.

  2. Loretta,
    Love that sideboard and dinning set.
    Hoping you are doing well.
    What a cute picture at the top of your blog.
    Have a great week-end.

  3. Loretta,
    You sound like me. I have allergies and the carpets were making them worse. One day recently I started ripping up carpet every time I walked pass some. I still have lots to do befor I can get someone in to redo them. LOL I love refurbishing too!

  4. Loretta Your dining room is so cozy and so inviting. Are those plates and demi's similar to the ones I won from you? They are on my book case and have been there ever since. I love them so. I would love to be able to sit and have tea with you in your pretty dining room. Love, LJ

  5. Yes lady Jane they are the same...I purchased 2 sets...I liked them too. I am so happy you like them. Thank you for your lovely compliments... I need to visit my shop again and search for more goodies and spend the day there haggling with her... something I love to do!lol. Have a good evening!

  6. Very pretty. The drop leaf table is my favorite. Nice that you preserved pieces from your mom.

    You made a comment about not being able to get a full shot because of resizing. Resizing shouldn't affect you getting a full shot. You take the shot you want, then you can resize it in software. Not sure if you were referring to cropping, which does affect whether you have the full shot or not.


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