Friday, January 25, 2013

My Cravings...Homemade Peach Cobbler

Good Evening Friends,
Okay, I know you are going to get me good about this pie, but first, let me say this...I used my Natra Taste sugar and followed a recipe for the peaches (these are some that I canned during the summer), using nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, or allspice,
                                      Got this shot before removing it from the oven.

No salt, low fat butter, vanilla. Made the dumplings and crust the same with small amounts of salt. I used shortening, but not the full amount. I was afraid the crust and dumplings would be too tough, but they did well considering.

After a green salad with a small pork madallion smothered in onions, no bread... I had to have-at-it! It has been a while...I mean a while, since I had pie! There are just some things you can't completely take away from the diet.
 If I can...'doctor-it-up', and it can pass for is in my pots or skillet! I think it was such an intense craving, I thought it was Mmmm...good! That's sad, huh? I don't care,
I got my pie...satsified my cravings, and I'm content!
All I need now is a nice hot shower, my reading stuff and, I'm ready to hit the sack. Oh, did I hear someone say something about don't hear James in the background fussing...guess who's night it is to clean the kitchen...Teeheee...yep, you guessed it!



  1. It's okay to indulge once in awhile. I'm glad you got to have some pie, and that you made it a little healthier. Nice to see a food post from you.

  2. I'm not good in the kitchen or using the oven, but when my sister comes home from her vacation, I just have to show her this recipe..she is going to love it..

  3. Yum. Peach cobbler is my favorite flavor cobbler!


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