Monday, January 21, 2013

A Craft Closet

 I am constantly looking for storage in my home. After moving into this house, I thought,  finally... I have as many closet as I'd need. Boy was I wrong.
  I got busy one day clearing out one of my closets in a guest room, deciding I needed my craft "stuff" organized first. I spotted this idea on the Better Homes & Garden site, and thought it would be a good one for me.

A  Craft Closet Storage System...

Check out all of these neat storage ideas with pegboard, etc.,  for those small items that can make things look cluttered. I like this pegboard is hung right on the door, and your supplies are easy to reach.

This dead space to one side of the closet is fitted with adjstable shelves that can be moved with changing storage needs.

Isn't this a neat idea for your thread, ribbons, rulers, etc. fitted in the other side of your closet.
 Be Inspired...because of the limited area, every inch of the closet is put to work. I love these cork trivets from a kitchen and-bath store that creates a mini-bulletin board. The trivets are thicker than standard wall cork and are easily mounted with foam tape.

Hang it up... paper hanging from clothes hangers look pretty and accessible, and the system seperates pattern types and colors. Great idea, right? 
  What was once an unused closet is now transformed into an inspirational storage space. Simple, straightforward storage solutions with a few snaps of bright color, invigorate this little hideout for your craft supplies.
  Look for more storage ideas here as we organize, repurpose and create...At Our House!

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  1. Perfect! I think I am going to use those bags hanging on the rod idea.
    Usually I go away from your blog with a lot of warm fuzzies. Today I got Halleluja!

  2. Those look like neat ideas... The thread is neat but I am horrible at putting things back... I am trying to get more organized to..putting things back is my bad habit I am trying to stop.. Thanks for sharing these wonderful ideas....Lisa

  3. Loretta, I love this! My crafts are in a terrible mess I'm afraid. I'm hoping to enlist the help of my youngest daughter to help me straighten them out.

  4. Congratulations on making the closet work for your crafts. I have a sewing closet. It is jammed tight!!

  5. That closet is a dream! I look forward to seeing your storage systems. Mine got bogged down somewhere along the line!

  6. Great idea. My craft supplies are all in those 3 drawer tupperwares - I have two of them completely full.

  7. Love this closet! Being organized is so rewarding and always inspires me to be more creative. Thanks for sharing.

  8. What great storage ideas. Everything has a place and so neat and tidy looking.


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