Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Simply Can't Believe It

Does the title of this post indicate my mood? Well, I am here to tell you it doesn't scratch the surface! Do you know, our cable station had the unmitigated gall to change our PBS station! Why, its simply unheard of...and I've been on the phone all morning giving them a piece of my mind. How dare they take away the only TV programming that's worth viewing, that's family oriented!

Why, there is Doc Martin with a new season coming soon!

Sherlock Holmes

And the piece de resistance` "Downton Abby". These are but a few of the quality programs that I would even attempt to watch on TV!
  That is what's wrong with TV today...they want blood, violence, guns, death and massacre to fill our children's minds. No wonder there is so much violence among them today! As parents, we need to get up, get out and do the same to protect our families. 
I am appalled, but I am determined to keep up my vigil. How dare they... 
  Well, I'm stepping down off my soapbox now, and settling down before my blood pressure exceed all limits, but I will not give up! I hope for those of you who do not, did not lose your quality, family oriented, and favorite programming, will appreciate it and fight to keep it!  With this said, I am returning to the phones to kick up some more dust!


  1. PBS is the only station I will watch on television and PBS Kids was the only station I let my son watch. Then we lost the signal for both channels about a month ago. I'm really displeased and upset about it too. We don't even have cable. We just lost the signal on our digital box and it won't come back. I called our local station and they did take the time to look into it for me but never could figure out why we suddenly can't pick up the channels. It really stinks!

  2. I would be outraged if our PBS station went away too! They have some of the best shows. I hope you make an impression and maybe if enough kick up some dust, they'll change it back. In the meantime, take care!

  3. We shut off our tv after my first born arrived. Don't miss it one bit!

  4. Good Morning Loretta,

    The photo of Doc Martin caught my attention in my Google Reader! One of my favorite programs. I agree with you about the goodness of public television compared to cable or network tv.

    I don't know if this will help, but in my area Doc Martin just ended its season with the birth of the baby. I don't think the new season will be playing for a few months.

    Have a lovely day and God bless,

  5. Kick up lots of dust on this one with the cable station. I watch all the shows you mentioned on my PBS station. Doc Martin is a favorite and I was thrilled when I discovered the show. I hope you and other viewers are successful in keeping this line-up going.

  6. Uh-Oh... I've never even heard of Doc Martin! What I watch on PBS is Antiques Roadshow and the cooking shows on Saturday! I would miss it if it went away. I also love to watch the regular channels too. If you like to laugh, you should watch MODERN FAMILY on Wednesdays on ABC at 9 PM. Love that show! I am so addicted to TV, it is on ALL THE TIME. I'd die without my TV!
    P.S. Glad you are feeling better and congrats again on your new Granddaughter! xxoo

  7. That's awful! I would really miss out PBS if it went away. I love Doc Martin. I've seen ever episode at least 3 times. I working on #4. I have Netflix and I watch a lot of the British shows. I don't think there is anything coming after the birth of the baby. There are only 4 seasons to that series and they were made quite some time ago. Sorry to give you more bad news. Keep yelling and screaming. Try to find others there that will yell and scream with you. That really stinks.

  8. I SO agree! We recently moved to an old colonial house in the country. We're actually just 5 miles from our former home but none of our "connections" service this area so we had to get new cable, new phone, and new internet providers. Lo and behold, the new cable (DISH NETWORK, BOOHISS) does not carry Doc Martin which, aside from American Pickers, is about the only TV we watched. No one cares that we're unhappy about it either. Our internet service is sketchy and quits on us all the time and the phone connection has a constant buzz when we place or receive calls. And I'm the one who wanted to live in the country. I hope you're able to get Doc Martin back. We miss him.


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