Friday, January 27, 2012

Rainy Days

                       Welcome, come on in and sit a while...have a cuppa!
  We have had two straight days of heavy rain. The pics are shot from my front porch. Our house faces south and is on a hill. You can see the street as it dips down and rises again on the right. I constantly watched the city park across the street as the rain increased and it started to flood.

 If you click to enlarge the pic, look across the street as the water starts to build up and flow. This is a big problem when there are heavy rains.

Now, the playground is flooded and there's a huge run off. I feel so sorry for my neighbor to the right of this picture, because her front yard floods each time there is a hard rain. Later that day there was a city crew out unplugging the drain to allow the water to run out of the park.
  Today, we have sun, birds are singing and it is a cool 35 degrees. Although the ground is soaked its a good thing, because soon it will be time for the different flowers, bulbs, and shrubs to bloom. What would it be like without the different seasons? Our God is good...wonders to behold!
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  1. Life without seasons is no fun! It is one of the things I don't like about monterey! As an east coast girl, I just cant get used to '63 and party sunny...again??' I was just pulling out some of Cullen's old clothes for my growing Bennett and got so sad the he wnot be able to wear all the cute summer stuff!

  2. We had rain today also. It could have been snow and we have had a great winter. Although I am enjoying it some of the ski areas are talking about closing down because it really doesnt stay cold long enough to make snow and if they do people arent going skiing. But as long as it is like this I am enjoying every minute of it... And saving oil....LJ

  3. We are getting rain, and now it's windy, but it "has" been a dry winter until now. The snow we had so far was about 4" compared to 30" last year! And it was gone in less then a day! Crazy! It's been one of those winters where every time a storm comes by it gets warm. (better then ice but I DO miss the snow! Guess thats why I am still in the east..can't be winter without snow right!?) But it is a change from the norm I guess....I DO feel bad for the ski places..hope we don't end up with a cold wet spring and summer!

    Love the dogs on the cute..

  4. I guess it will be boring if we had the same season all the time, but sunny in the 70's is good for me...Christine

  5. Your porch looks gorgeous but the weather doesn't! we have had the rain yesterday in the UK but today it is brighter but chilly :) have a wonderful weekend sweetie

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  6. Sorry for the possible rain build-up problem.

    But want a lovely view you have, from the front of your home. And what a lovely front porch you must have.

    When the weather gets warm and nice, I do hope you'll show more, of this lovely looking porch.

    Meantime, I'm glad the sun came out!

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    ~ Gilmore Girls


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