Thursday, January 26, 2012

All Is Well Now!

Good Evening Ladies, I'm back mentally exhausted and tired, but I want to let you know...I have my PBS back! I stirred up so much dirt today my phone started to ring like crazy!
  I suppose it doesn't help matters that my newspaper column speaks volumes and well known is the power of my pen! Approximately, 30 minutes after my post, our PBS channel was returned! 
  Phone calls, even after the return kept coming, checking to see if  PBS was restored in my house. Now that's service, and, I sent emails and returned calls to this effect. 
  During this crazy time, I called the mayor, my doctor, the cable station, the providers, city hall, the police, the paper and sent out 25 emails! I had no idea it was this bad...I suppose I lost it! Good thing I'm known in this town for kicking up dust or, I no doubt would have been arrested or hauled off to the loony-bin! lol.
  Now, all is well with Loretta...order has been restored to my house! James just got home and asked, " what in the world happened here today"? See, I told you, all that dust kicked up...hasn't settled yet!


  1. Good to have you back hun, and well done for kicking up the dust - got to be done! Scarlett x

  2. Cough, cough. You kicked up so much dust, I'm coughing all the way in GA. Way to go!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good job done!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love it!!!!!

    We take too many things, *lying down*! Because we don't have the gumption to get involved.

    Reminds me of years ago, when I took-on-City-Hall, over *blue boxes* which were being placed all over town. And which I was sure, were interfering with tv reception. This was YEARS before cable!!!

    This was years ago, and I'd put my small children in the car and go all over, looking for them. And then, I'd knock on doors of people living near them. To spread-the-word, of their icky effects on our tv reception. -grin-

    Some jerk from City Hall called my husband and told him to do-something-about-his-wife. -chuckle- I won't tell you, what my husband told this guy back. -chuckle-

    Hooray for grass-roots action! By females!

    "Anyone who says they have only one life to live, must not know how to read a book."
    ~Author Unknown


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