Monday, November 12, 2012

Personalities Clash

How in the world are you? We finally are feeling autumn. We had low temps this morning and will have the same tonight as Jack frost comes to visit. 
  James is on a long weekend and we have been spending some time together with our fur-babies. Lovey and Miss Kitty can't seem to decide if they want to be friends or not. 
I can't ever get a shot of them together, because they are always running away from the other.

Here, Kitty falls asleep waiting to pounce on Lovey...James wouldn't let her do it!

Lovey ran to get in the chair with James thinking she could get away from Kitty

I got this shot of her when James told her to sit on the floor, however

Lovey never stops watching to see where Kitty is lurking. It is a never-ending thing all day with my baby... watching out for that Cat!

Finally she grew tired of being on the watch and came to me to be picked up. She quickly fell asleep in my lap. You think she felt saver in my lap?  That Kitty is mean-mean-Cat!


  1. Poor puppy, always having to be on guard. Glad he has your lap for a refuge!

  2. the puppy is adorable, and yeeah when my pet and my neighbor's get together they either fight or run from eachother as well!

  3. they sound like some married couples I know!


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