Friday, November 9, 2012

Greetings Everyone

I've missed you have you been? I have some catching up to do because I know I have missed a lot. Please bear with me as I spend a bit of time with each of you. I'll get around to you soon.
  My hand is still rather stiff, but it has healed very well. I think I will go and have a little of the therapy Doc suggested because it's just not up to par yet. 
  Well, enough about me...while I was suppose to be resting with my hand up, I was so bored, you can only watch so much TV...I thought I would sew a handmade wall-hanger. Didn't get it all done, because I kept thinking of something else I wanted. Here's some of what I accomplished. Click on the pics. Thanks!

I start out by crudely sketching an object from sight, I don't buy patterns unless it is something I can't handle. Then I play around with it until it looks about right. However, I like  the crudeness and especially the prim look...that will come later.  

I give the piece a name, then cut them out and pin to felt. I use wool felt from the craft store. 

Here, you see how I pin the pieces to the door hanger after stitching it, then stitch the pieces on 

This is the finished door hanger

And here it is hanging on the door 

I made a crude looking pin cushion from a scrap too small, but it came together and I need it. It looks better than the one in the outset pic... If you look closely, you will see my sewing notions look worn. That's because I have had them since... Home-Eco in high school...some 40+ years ago! LOL!

This little cutie pie...I made for my Mom. She's always losing her small scissors and other small objects, so, I thought this sewing caddy would help. It will even hang wherever she is sitting. That is, if Braylon doesn't take it!

 My floral motif will become either a pillow or wall hanger. I haven't decided.

Seems my cooking has gone further south, LOL! I'm not worried, soon my kitchen will be filled with hungry people.
In just a few days they will all be! I have been preparing!
  James and I wish you all a very wonderful weekend! Our thoughts are with all our blogging friends on the east coast. We can only imagine the hardships you are experiencing. 
We were able to contribute to the care packages coming your way from Shreveport LA. Hopefully, you will be able to put to use the things our neighbors are generously giving! Take Care!

Blessings To All Of You!
James & Loretta


  1. Very cute. The first one looks like mary Englebreit.
    Have a great time with all of your family. How will you do that with your hand. I hope it feek better soon.

  2. These are adorable Loretta and I love the whimsical look. I recognize that metal ruler, my mom had one and I know I used one in high school home ec too. Hope your hand is back to 100% soon.

  3. What a cute door hanger, Loretta. You take good care of yourself, ok? Happy weekend!...Christine

  4. I always enjoy seeing your crafts. They are so fun and creative. Glad to hear that your hand has healed well.

  5. Such pretty crafts. I am sorry about your hand....hope you get 100% soon.

    I've been tardy commenting as John is sick.

  6. Loretta,
    Hi! Loving your wool felt creations. Looks fun too.
    Hope you are doing well. Thank you for stopping by.
    Pat from Topiary Rose, & Pat's Pink Apron,


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