Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy Wednesday

Good Morning,
  I just walked in from outside and it is such a beautiful fall, cold morning here! Leaves are falling and the air smells fresh and fall-like. Yes, this is all good, but I also see that the lawn needs to be raked, picked up and... Oh, I'll get to this chore later as I contemplate it all. In other words, forget about it for now! LOL.
I was shocked to find these roses on the lower section of the property. The camera doesn't capture their true essence of color, however, they are different shades of red. Kitty loves them! She touches them ever so delicately.

I tucked them in my water bottle while walking the property, nice vase, huh?

On another note: I've been sewing again...
This little craft seems to be just what Doc ordered, in so many ways I can't begin to tell you! Candle mats and door hangers this time. I need to get up to the fabric store to start on other things to do.  Here's just a few of them...I can make 
a bunch in a day if not interrupted...but, that'll be the day, especially with Kitty and Lovey in the room. Why can't they be like Amanda and get along! Lol! Enjoy...

Look at this "big ham"... she just pounced on Lovey and now they are chasing the other in the kitchen. Cats and Dogs... you can't live with them and... you can't live without them!
  Hope you enjoyed your little visit with us today and please, do come back to see us! I've been listening to a Betty Davis movie on A & E, so I'm getting a cup of coffee and snuggling in my recliner with ...THEM! Will be around to visit later!

Wishing you a most lovely day!


  1. I'm looking out my dining room window at ALL the leaves that need to be raked. Like you I say forget about it for now. Love your crafts as always. Kitty has really made herself at home. Love that she touches the flowers so gently.

  2. Your roses are gorgeous and the crafts are beautiful, keep it up!...Christine

  3. those roses are a gift just for you!

  4. Beautiful roses! You sure have been busy with your sewing projects.

  5. I love your sewing projects!! Time to get the broom after those critters!!! (Just kidding...I don't want PETA after me) Have a wonderful day!!

  6. Roses growing in your garden :-)

    Here in New England my daily walk is scented with the smell of woodstoves. I love that smell!
    Sure is getting cold though.

    x Lorraine x


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