Monday, June 11, 2012

Good Ole' Southern Dinner

Good evening lovely people, It has been a spell since I posted. You see, we had some problems after that storm that came through. The computer went to acting up, I couldn't get on the web. Course, you know they are closed over the weekend, so I had to wait. After they fussed over it over the phone, they finally gave up and sent a fellow out here to make the repairs. 

Loretta is doing a little better. Losing her friend like that was hard especially since she'd just talked to her. Lord, you never know when its your time, huh? My mother-in-law, bless her, has really been taking good care of us. This was our Sunday dinner she cooked. Loretta wanted greed beans with potatoes, (I think she can eat them every day) and Greek chicken. My mother-in-law made the best sweet tea, I had to give her a big bear hug!

She tried following Loretta's recipe but ended up making it her way. (I knew she would do it when she kept fussing) but, it was still good.  I wanted a pear salad, but I forgot to tell her I'd eaten the last of the cheese. See how I got my salad. Hahahaha! See where Loretta get her humor!

 Nothing fancy, just good ole eatin'! The old fashioned hot water cornbread was really tasty!

I added some creamy dressing to the salad and cracked some pepper

Then, it was on!

  When I asked granny where's the dessert, she held up her little finger. Hahahaha! That old gal kills me! Anyway, dinner was finger-lickin' good, but I show miss Loretta's desserts!

  Ya'll keep Loretta in your thoughts, it helps more than you know!
Hope you have a blessed evening. I'm signing off now, take good care!


  1. Love some good ol' pear salad! When it has all the ingredients, haha.

  2. ((((((HUGS))))))) for both of you. Food looks yummy.

  3. Hugs galore coming her way ...

    Any leftovers? Looks deelish!
    Have a great week ~

  4. James, so glad to see you posting. I've had my dinner, but seeing your pictures makes me want a snack. Everything looks delicious. Prayers and good wishes for you and for Loretta. Please come by and visit. I have two fun giveaways going on.

  5. Looks scrumptious, Loretta!...Christine

  6. Just catching up on my blog reading!
    Your dinner looks mighty tasty and that must have been a dandy storm that went through. Glad your home wasn't damaged.
    So sorry to hear of the loss a Loretta's friend. Let her know my thoughts are with her.

  7. See now I'm hungry. I sure could eat some of those green beans right about now. I'm so glad you guys are being well looked after. We love you, Loretta. Hope you get better soon! Thanks James for continuing to keep us in the loop.

  8. Be careful, very careful, what you wish for when mother in law is around. Prayers and good cheer go out to Loretta.

  9. "When I asked granny where's the dessert, she held up her little finger. Hahahaha! That old gal kills me!"

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... Are you sure? Are you very sure? That when you asked for dessert... You who are supposed to eat very, very, very well!
    That when you asked for dessert, she didn't hold up the middle finger of her right hand?!?!?! Hmmmm? Hmmmm? Hmmmm?

    But then, the "Granny" in your life, isn't as UN-GRANNY-LIKE as I am! -gigggggles-

    Both of you, keep doing well!!!!

    Gentle hugs...

  10. Dear James, I am glad to hear that Loretta is doing a bit better. I am sorry to hear about her friend.
    The dinner looks good!
    Give Loretta my best. Blessings, Catherine

  11. Hope it was as good as it looks. Please tell Loretta I'm keeping her in my prayers. Hugs to you both.


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