Friday, June 8, 2012

Rough Weather Damage

Hey Now, hope ya'll are having a good day so far. I was telling Loretta, Friday sure did get here quick this week. She's doing a little better since doc changed the meds. He said it will take time. The memorial is today at 11AM. I didn't want her to go, so I told her I didn't have anyone to drive. My doc still got me hog-tied from the s-wheel!

Well, we finally got rain! And a little more with it. This storm was some fierce, thunder, lightning so bad it lit up the whole room, killed the electric and it was hotter than a hen house. Thunder was hitting like three times at once with loud claps. My pets were scared and in the bed with us. Trees fell, we could hear them and prayed we wouldn't get hit, but we came mighty close. Look at this limb that fell across our yard from the neighbor's, and this is only part of it. I forgot to take a picture before the others were moved.

Our property is on a hill. See how low the neighbors are! I had a friend to clear out the most of it.

But, this limb needs cutting up the tree. It just split into.

Missed the carport by hairs. Waiting on a guy to come take it down. With the way people are here, that might be next month. Shame, huh? You pay folks 'too' much money and you still get no good service.

I'm show glad that storm is over, the yard is a mess with branches and leaves, but we're fine. Well now, ya'll have a good weekend and time with the family. Love to you from the both of us. 


  1. Those storms can be so scary. My dogs do not like the thunder or the lightening at all.
    I hope Loretta feels better soon. Glad that you are doing okay and keeping us updated. (((((HUGS))))) to the both of you.

  2. Looks like rough weather indeed. So glad the tree missed the house. Give my best to Loretta and have a nice weekend.

  3. oh my gosh! some wild weather you had!! glad you are all ok. you are doing a great job as a sub!!

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