Thursday, June 14, 2012

Severe Weather Hits Again

Hey there again, James here. We've been sitting through some bad weather all day. But, you know, we are thankful it was only rain, thunder and lightening. Some of our Texas neighbors and some north of us didn't  have it too easy. They had straight line winds 70 mph that tore through their towns and took down trees, power lines, destroyed homes, etc. Our prayers goes out to them. Sure hope none of you were hit too hard. 
 I took a few pictures, but couldn't get too much with all that bad lightening. It was some fierce, striking a gas well and setting it on fire. It was dark outside and boy did it rain! You don't have to tell me to come in outta the rain, especially this much! Hahahaha!

Our back walks flooded

This is the neighbors drive to the left of us. Her house is a bit higher than ours and she had flooding.

This is the right side and our drive also flooded. If you click on this picture, you might see our garbage
cans floating down the street. Today is trash day.

Our front walkway flooded. Yep, the entire walk!

 Remember I showed you a picture of our neighbors house that sit down the hill from us, where the tree limb fell from the storms the other day. This is her front yard starting to fill.

This is in the park across the street. Boy did it flood. The street also, but I didn't get that it started back
up and I got the hell outta dodge!

All of these pictures are of the park. They came out to do a little work. Good time huh?

We didn't get any rain last summer, but we are now. We prayed for it, so we have to take what comes with it. We are thankful for it in so many ways. We will keep you in our thoughts and pray that you all get through any bad weather you're having. Ya'll please take care and be save!

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  1. Now that's a lot of rain.
    Wish you could send a little our way. It's getting pretty dry around here.
    They were calling for showers all day today but so far none.


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