Saturday, March 10, 2012

Don't Forget...

Do It Tonight so you'll be on time for Worship Sunday Morning!


  1. Hi, Loretta! I did a similar post -- great minds think alike. ;)
    Hope you and James have been well. Say a prayer for me at Church tomorrow! :)

  2. Hi Loretta, Hello James,
    My hubby always turns our clocks early. I asked him if it was so he could feel like he has stayed up later than her really did! LOL! he goes to bed so early..except tonight! hahaha..Thanks for paying me a visit..I love company!

  3. Thanks for the reminder. Arizona doesn't change. We will have to remember when we go back home, it will then be 2 hours difference.

  4. We change the clocks early, don't wait to do it that late. Well we're getting closer and closer to saying goodbye to winter and that's a good thing. Pat

  5. I am not sure how to do the follow thing on Linky but I am following you now..I don't know how to have it show my name. Lost an hour sleep but happy that it will stay light out longer


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