Saturday, March 10, 2012

Good Saturday Everyone

  What a cold and cloudy morning we have today! Hope you are enjoying yours'!  That's quite okay with me, because I have plans for today.
  First, I really want to thank you for all your words of encouragement and showing us so much love. I know I have not been my usual self lately...barely going through the motions, and I'm  honestly trying hard to keep things positive, but failing miserably I'm afraid. I apologize and pray that I'm feeling better soon.
 Please know, your being here has given me that extra push that I need to keep going, and for this I am truly grateful. 

  As I stated above I have plans today and they are spending the day with my two Country Sampler. I love to peruse each page filled with ideas and inspiration. So, It's back to bed with my fur-baby Ashley as we enjoy our magazines.
  Oh, someone asked what about the other two, I only mention Ashley? Well, they simply do not have any interest in books... regardless! I suppose they leave all that book learning to Ashley. lol.
Amanda will hide underneath the bench at the foot of the bed and Lovie goes searching for checking to make sure that I forgot to move a scarf hanging to low, so she can pull everything off to the floor. I think it gives her great pleasure seeing everything fall as she stands with her head askance admiring her handiwork. Don't worry, she moves very fast when it starts to tumble. That's our Lovie!
Sorry I hit the publish button when they started to bark, startled me!
James sends his regards today and we both wish you...

A Very Happy Saturday


  1. Lovie can be quite a nix-nox. Enjoy her and your other furbabies. Have a relaxing Saturday.

  2. Hello Dear Friend, Wishing you warm thoughts as you & Ashley relax & enjoy those wonderful looking magazines~ I haven't seen that issue at the news stand, I may have to take a walk later on, it is Sunny but Cold here today, but I just checked the 10 forecast & it looks like spring is coming~ 50's - 60's Yippy, I can hardly wait....
    Feel Better ~ Hello to Hubby too!

  3. The only reason for you trying to keep things positive, is for your good and for James' good too.

    What I mean is, not to worry about how you may blog.

    YOU! YOU BOTH! That's all that I want you to have a positive attitude because of. :-)

    "Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart."
    ~~William Wordsworth

  4. Hi~ Thanks so much for stopping by, I too am following by Linky ~ Your sweet babies are just so cute!! Enjoy your magazines ~ I'm watching college BB today ~ Michigan State is heading to the finals, and hopefully University of Michigan will win their game, then it will be 2 MI teams vei-ing for the Final!! Whoot! Whoot!!

  5. Hope by now you feeling more yourself Loretta. Just adore your three cuties! Have a good week - Nancy


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