Sunday, March 11, 2012

What's For Dinner

Well, hello! What have you been doing today? Whatever is is, I sure hope you have had a good day. Raining here again...all dark, and thunder can be heard south of us. Storms are on their way!
  All the fur-babies are asleep and James is nodding in his recliner. His appetite is almost gone, so I didn't cook a meal today. I think he's a little nervous as Monday draws near, because he goes in for all those test then. I convinced him to eat a bowl of potato soup and he shared dessert with me, so I'm happy!
  I didn't cook a normal Sunday dinner however, I did fix something for me and the pets. I've wanted this for too know how I feel about take out so, I made my own version of it!

This is a sausage cheese burger!

If you click on the pics, you'll see all the goodness of a burger...mounds of shredded lettuce, large slices of tomato and onions! Oh my, let me tell you it was just as delicious eating it!

 My buns are the small one, but believe me, if it had not been raining so hard, I would have zoomed to the store for the bigger ones! I like to put the buns on the grill and brown them, that's why it looks flaky on top!

 This is a Blueberry Pie with whipped cream. I always have something sweet to cook. The blueberry filling is from a can, and I made the crust. It was good too, but the burger was the best...oh, and so were the tater tots! lol

Your dinner may be more, but I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Amanda was a litle upset because she wanted more meat and didn't eat her bread (they had whole wheat bread), so she's pouting and went inside her crate. Canines...who can understand them, ugh!

 James sends his regards and says he's thinking about you, getting back to posting. We are wishing that you have a very pleasant and relaxing evening! Take very good care! (I hit the publish thingy again before finishing!) Luv You!

From James & Loretta


  1. Oh, looks yummy!! Stay dry and good luck on Monday.

  2. Happy Sunday and what a delicious dinner. Yummy change that looks wonderful. I love cheese burgers. All the best to you and hubster James!

  3. Yummy! Spent the day traveling back from Arizona and just now thinking of dinner. I think I'll just drop by your house.

  4. I had a James-like day. Wasn't interested in too much eating today. Brown rice for breakfast. Popcorn for lunch. Two granola bars for dinner and half cantelope for dessert. I love these type days. Those tots look great though. I haven't had those in so many years, I'm not sure I remember what they taste like. Good luck tomorrow, oops today, James.

  5. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

    Best wish for James, with his Mon. tests!!!!!!!!

    "I cannot conceivably influence the world's destiny, but I can make my own life more worthwhile."
    ~Gladys Taber

  6. Loretta, I could eat that for dinner anytime, it look delicious; and that pie is to die for!

  7. Your meal looks really yummy, Loretta. Hope your hubby's tests come out ok...Christine


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