Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Pink Bunny Room

Good Saturday Morning,
  I'm going to be a host today and make this a 2 to 3 part show of my Grand's bedroom. We had to compromise on the theme and I won the choice of  'Bunnies'. But, she went a step further, in order not to be out done, and picked 'pink' as the color.
  James finally persuaded her to use other colors with the pink. We are all now on the same page. So, this is what I did with the pink tulle and lace. This white furniture was an eyesore in a dull brown, but I fell in love with it and saw how it could be used in my decor`, sorry I don't have before pics. After I repurposed it, I hated the mirror, and was told it couldn't be replaced with any other glass into that provided space.

I tried everything, even wanting to hot glue lace around the circle. Nothing seemed right in my eyes.

 So, I thought of draping the lace around the mirror or, making a princess-style curtain around it. Hated it!

The idea to put the shelf above came to me as I tried ideas. It had a balanced look, especially with the nine feet ceilings in this house. The wall hanger, although green, picks up other greens in the room. I am planning painting in the Spring. Too, if my granddaughter decides other living arrangments, changes will be made.

The tulle does not hang...give me the look that I want, so I am tempted to put the lace back around that awful mirror! The problem is, it is too small, low and round!

If I could only look at it from this vantage point, it would be okay.

 I love the way I can display her things on it and the drawers hold all sorts of needed things! I even made this scarf on top out of white sheets and battenburg lace. Yeah, I'm a lace person...It makes things look dainty...girlie-girl!

I had to hide how it was hung (a small nail) so, I make this pom-pom from lace socks! Just what I needed. I like it!

   I would love to hear your ideas. Please be generous with your critique', especially before Mom come to visit...she is my worse critic! lol.
  Part 2 will reveal some pink room accessories. Keep in mind, this is a girls' room! Hope your day an exciting one and family oriented!
Are your pets getting enough attention...give them a hug for me, ok?
  James sends his regards and to let you know he miss you too! Take Care!
Warm Regards,


  1. I'm loving it, Loretta. My only suggestion might be to tie back the lace around the mirror somehow, like you do with curtains...say, at 2 o'clock and at 10 o'clock.

  2. You might get some pretty molding and frame the round mirrow with a big square around it. That way the eye would see a large square instead of the round mirror. Actually, I like the mirror. It looks very art deco.

  3. I like this sweet room and I also like the suggestion of adding lace. It's a beautiful day in New York and so enjoyed services and walking. Best to you and James!

  4. Lovin' all the pinks. I know she is loving it all already.


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