Sunday, January 8, 2012

Breakfast Or Brunch

Good Morning, hope you are having a beautiful day! Mine started with a full breakfast by the Hubster! I was surprise because he worked a full shift Saturday and was tired when he came in.
  I was totally out of it yesterday with worry and pain. After dinner, I took a hot shower and went to bed early. That's how he knows I'm not feeling well. This morning, I awoke to Ashley jumping on the bed excited and sitting on my stomach trying to wake me. I pushed him away and he started to bark...I should have known something was up. I opened my eyes and the Hubster was just standing there with this tray of food!

Ashley and Amanda had to be shooed off the bed  because they wanted the bacon. James had theirs' in the kitchen

The two of us ate what we wanted from the tray

And, when I finished I was stuffed...It was a huge meal!

James had the juice, but the black coffee is mine...just coffee, no sugar or cream. This blend is famous 'Chicory' from New Orleans. The bagels below had cream cheese and strawberry perserves on one side for me, James likes his toasted, with the fruit on the plate. The egg and bacon was shared too!

The Hubster knew I'd had a miserable day Saturday, so he made this day special. Why, he even took the pics of it! What a beautiful way to start the day!
We hope you have a wonderful day too. To all the Hubs out there in blogland, plan something special for your pretty lady today and make her feel special! It will be an act of kindness with two-fold results. Believe does pay to be kind! lol. Be kind to each other and to your pets. May peace be with you all! All the best from your friends!
Loretta, James, Ashley, Amenda, and Lovie


  1. What a sweetie! May I borrow him? Chuckle!! Too durn down to go to brunch today after Mass (didn't get there either), so I cooked hash browns & eggs ... our favs.

    Have a beautiful week. Hope you feel better quickly.
    TTFN ~

  2. That is so great, looks so yummy!! I tagged you in a post today. Have a great sunday!

  3. Your husband is a sweetie. It looks so good. Hope today is a better day for you.

  4. What a nice way to start your day. James is such a sweetheart to do that for you. Hope you're feeling better.

  5. Loretta the food looks delish!!!!!!

    Have a fabulous week.


  6. This looks yummy. I love breakfast food any time of day. Went out for lunch at a Greek restaurant and had a wonderful cheese omelet served with pita bread. I'll be down for a cup of coffee. I like it with chicory.

  7. James to the rescue again. What a wondeful, loving thing to do. I'm sorry to hear you had an awful Saturday. I hope that doesn't mean you over did it. Rest up please. Sending hugs and energy your way.

  8. Oh what a man you have there, in James!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is so sweet!!!!!!!!

    Sorry that you had a bad day Sat., but oh he knew how to put a smile back on your face, on Sun. Just sweet!

    Hugs to you James!!!! We miss you. :-) But you just keep taking good care of your Lady. Of course you will.

    "The early mist had vanished and the fields lay like a silver shield...
    It was one of the days when the glitter of winter shines..."

    ~Edith Wharton

  9. Wow what a special lady you are Loretta. Hubby is spoiling you but you deserve it. Yummy breakfast. Hope you are feeling better sweetie. Love the white furniture project you did. I like the lace over the front.

  10. How sweet of him! Hope you feel better. Rebekah


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