Sunday, April 17, 2011

Our Dinner Was Mighty Tasty

  Good Sunday Afternoon Ya'll! Hope your weekend has been as sunny and welcoming as ours. I have been a bit busy this week, and haven't been posting the things that I have been, because I have another project going. I might have a little something to tell you tomorrow. Wish me well!
  Now to my dinner for this Sunday. Very simple meal, I always try to cook a balanced meal, and this is common among Southern cooks, we do believe in putting out a nice spread!
  I used the drumettes(for lack of a better word, and cute I might add) off the wing of the chicken and prepared them like hot wings, only these are hot- and-spice with a Tabasco based sauce.
  Sometime, I just want mac-n-cheese, nothing fancy, just plain and simple. However today, I needed a bit more, because I didn't have a good breafast. So, I cooked the greens; then I had to cook the bread. Hubby asked, "Where's the meat?" I told him, "Meet me around the house!" LOL.  The wings were in the oven and ready, but I didn't take them out...Ha! (the devil made me do it!). LOL

Dessert is a favorite of mine. I have a small loaf pan that I use to make a small loaf. It is a lemon loaf with finely chopped pecans. I garnished with cool-whip and strawberries. Of course, I served coffee.
What a nice way to end the meal, and savory the "good-eats".I hope you enjoy this post as much as I did putting it up. Have a good-Sunday Evening. Luv-Loretta


  1. Another yummy meal, Loretta! I think those are collard greens? Not being from the South, I am scared to attempt to make them myself... But I am hoping to one day. :)
    Good luck on your project and looking forward to seeing it.
    P.S. Hope you are feeling better these days! :)

  2. Thanks Gloria. These are mustard greens from my freezer that was put away last fall. We really had a good garden last year. This year doesn't look promising. We haven't had rain, and it is very dry! Watering doesn't compare to a good rain! Yes I'm a little better, no flare-ups. Have a good week Gloria. Love you!

  3. Sounds - and looks - delicious!

  4. Your meals always looks so yummy and this one is no exception. If I presented Mr. MST with this meal, he'd think he had died and gone to heaven:)

  5. I'm craving macaroni and cheese now! LOL! Looked delicious!


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