Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thrift Shopping- A Few Pieces Found

Good Tuesday Morning. With the uncertainty of weather, I seriously hope you are safe and out of harms way. However, our forecast is turbulent weather later today. We pray all will be safe.
  I mentioned earlier, something we were working on, but don't want to talk about it just yet. So many things have happened, I'm afraid to talk about it! It is nothing harmful, rather a good thing for me, but the stress is awful! I'll let you know when I know for sure. A little mystery, heh?
  I have a few pieces to show you that I picked up the other day. They are mini blue-n-white pieces, but I love them and how I can fit them in vignettes.  The pieces are marked hand-painted Delft Blue with a copyright sign and the initials D.A.I.C. My attempts at getting a shot of this was futile as you can see.
  First, the little hand painted box with the eggs and chicks. I rescued this from Moms throw-away bag and rubbed on a little white paint, then off again to get rid of the scuff marks. I then added the eggs and chicks, I think it is so cute.
  Then, the decorative hand-painted  trunk...I've had for a few years. I found it in a little shop in Valdosta Georgia. You might have seen it in other shots in my home. But, what you haven't seen, there are three of them! They weren't too expensive, but more than I wanted to pay!

The two cows are a set of salt and pepper shakers. The mini bathroom fixtures are sitting on top of the white pillar. I love the figurine of the man carrying the buckets and have several other pieces depicting men and women carrying buckets. I just love these types and have them everywhere. Hope you enjoy them. Have a very good week. Be safe and most of all...Be Happy!  Luv


  1. I love finding thrifty treasures. Great collection there.

  2. Beautiful things! I especially love the little egg box with the little chicks... so cute!
    P.S. I can't wait to hear what your 'mystery' thing is! ;)

  3. Hi Loretta!
    I am glad that you are alright! It has just been very cold here! We are supposed to get snow again! I am tired of it! LOL!
    I like your finds~ very interesting!
    The little trunks look like toile art. Is that correct? Very nice.
    I hope that you are having a good week so far.

  4. What nice finds! Love the boxes. Have a lovely Easter!

  5. Love the egg box! And perfect timing for Easter!

  6. You found some nice things! I love going to thrift shops and finding little treasures.

  7. Oh! I also meant to say, "Happy Easter!!"


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