Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hey Ya'll Out There

This is the "Hubster", James here. Loretta went to shopping somewheres and I'm using her computer whilst she's gone.
  I just know hope that some of you will come over to my side and help me with...Loretta! Don't git me wrong now...she's a great gal...ain't afraid of her...love love her, and she's the best dang cook this side of the Mississippi!
 But, that ole' gal loves to play tricks on me and she show knows how to git my goat! Sometimes, I feel like a buzzard caught on a highway with a dozen 18 wheelers. Ain't whinning mind you... cause...well, today is my time on this yer' blog thing!

This is what Loretta looks like in the morning before she prettys up! Heeeeeheeeeeeeeee! I know I'm a gonna git a lickin', but I'll have fun gittin' it! Heeeheeeeeeeee, Lordy mercy...this is way too cool!

Ya'll help a fella out now, yer' hear!

This is the "Hubster" signin' off!
Oh, PS, wait, or whatever the heck it is...I jus' want ya'll folks to know, I got me some good insurance! Heeeheeeeeeee...Lord I don' got chocked!


  1. lol!! How funny :o) Scarlett x

  2. hahaha be careful she might post what you look like in the mornings!!! This is too funny!

  3. Yes dear heart...had fun today... huh? Well I hope you enjoyed yourself. You should have used your day off a bit better to stay out out of trouble!!!

  4. OMGOSH!!! Ooooh James, you are going to get it good! NOW I understand the post Loretta left after this. I have to give it to you, that takes some big ones!

  5. Well, all I gotta say to James is: I LOOK THE SAME WAY WHEN I GET UP IN THE MORNING! LOL! So, I hate to tell you that even though we ALL look like this, you should have known Loretta wouldn't want you to advertise it and you'd be a whoopin'!!! LOL! ;)


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