Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thrift Find

  Good Thursday Morning to Everyone! I am so thrilled with our weather. It has been so nice and cool during the day and nights are wonderful without the air-conditioners going. But, still no rain for our neighbor...Texas!  Believe it or not, I'm moving things around again in our home. I can't seem to get what I'm looking for. Oh well...
   You know how I love to thrift shop and haggling is my speciality. This pretty below, was found in Florida some years back, and it was awful brown and stained. I don't have a before picture, because I started working on it some time ago and finished the painting before the move. Let me tell you this...I was blogging and went over to Scarlett's blog this weekend, and she had a dressing table/desk with the square mirror. Check it out at: scarlett loves elvis

  I still have to do a bit of stressing. I found the stool at a garage sale that had a leather cushion torn, stained, and smelled. My! The lady was only too happy to get rid of it! A perfect fit!
  If your click on the pic, you can see the fabric I used to cover it. (please overlook the junk). I had to recover it again because the cushion was a little too high for the mirror. I ended up using only batting on a new cut of 3/4" ply-board. It worked out well and anyone sitting on it can now use the mirror. I tried to change the mirror with a square one, but it didn't work, so I'm stuck with this one.

Now, I have to think of how to give the mirror a bit of something. It is so stark! Any ideas? Mom said lace, I thought of tulle draped around it, but...
  Look at the little lamp shade, these are the colors in the room. The coverlet on the white iron bed is a colorful patchwork quilt, with the pinks, greens; all pastels. White sheers with a long white scarf are the window treatments. I can't show you the room now because it is all torn apart from my changing. I will show it all when done.
  Ideas on the mirror will definitely help me to get the cob webs out of my brain of those idle -brain days! LOL.
  Thought I'd share this with you and I promised Scarlett I would post it. Here it is Scarlett!

Have a Wonderful Day Dear Friends! Love you!


  1. Hi Loretta, a great thrifty find. An idea for the mirror might be to paint the border of it to give a pop of color to match the rest of the room. I am looking for a stool like the one you found, no luck yet. The little lamp adds a nice touch for lighting while sitting there. Good Luck!

  2. Hi Loretta. It has been so nice hasn't it. I'm loving the cooler temps. Hope we don't have to spend another weekend watching the Gulf. I love the dresser and the bench.

  3. I've got an idle-brain day, too. It's cooler and sunny here, and I'm so enjoying what may be a taste of fall.
    The dresser and bench look great.

  4. Very nice find but no suggestion on what to do with the mirror. Let us know what you decide...

  5. I love that mirror. Soft lace draped over it sound like a good idea. What if you hung a few small pictures on either side of it? It might help to create the illusion of a frame. I can't tell from the picture if you have room to do that or not.

  6. Nice break from the 90deg weather here, but me and my doggy are cold. He has on his sweatshirt and so do I. I love your finds. More than that, I love that you actually did something with. I always have grandiose ideas when I buy fixer uppers. Usually they dropped off at a different thrift store years later after I realize that I will never get to that project. LOL.

  7. Yes Betsy there is room to hang the pictures. I've thought and even draped lace and tulle and it just doesn't speak to me now. But I love your ideas...thanks so much!
    Have a nice weekend. luv

  8. Darling dresser! So sweet painted white! Can't wait to see how you finish everything out.

  9. The mirror with the lace is so pretty, the lamp makes everything look so cozy, great thrift finds Loretta. Cool weather your having what's that? :) I won't complain when the humidity leaves...
    Hugs Rosemary...xx


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