Monday, September 5, 2011

Green Onions- How to Freeze

Hello Friends, hope you've had a peaceful day. It has been here, and much cooler since the rain. We are thankful!
  I found these green onions today for 49 cents a bunch, while visiting a neighboring town; a steal compared to the cost of them in our hometown markets. I purchased 12 bunches, because I wanted to put them away in the freezer. I really wanted more, but the hubs had to put his 2 cents in it! LOL.

                They had to be rinsed because there was a lot of sand. Here, I am letting them drain because I don't want too much water left in them.

                                   The cutting begins. Be careful because they will start to roll off the board.

I use the back of the knife to gather them up in the pile when they start to roll. Still, only a few tears, certainly not as much as cutting the yellow and white ones. My idea is to allow them to get very cold, then handle them.
The pic above show where I put them on a platter and spread them out. Notice they aren't crowded, because this is only one bunch. I put them in the freezer just as you see them here for 15-20 minutes. Just long enough to start to freeze.

Here you see them just out of the freezer, and how they are not frozen together. I mix them around on the platter to make sure they are evenly distributed.

The pic above show them in the bag and ready for the freezer. I allow them to lie flat inside the freezer. This way, the onions do not freeze together in clumps. When you take them out to use, they pour out of the bag without them being in lumps. Now, that's one down and 11 more to go.
   In Louisiana cooking, these onions, bell peppers and celery are included in all dishes with the exception of sweets, desserts. They are quite expensive out of season here when you have to purchase them. I normally have them in my garden, but this year our gardens didn't fair well because of the extreme heat and lack of water.

  We are thankful for your comments during our  times of harsh weather and sickness. Thank you sooo very much for everything! Too, we would like to thank and welcome our friends who have come to join us on our journey of blogging! Welcome Friends! We hope you find something, somewhere in our little corner of the world that brightens your day, put a smile on your face and one in your heart! Most of are always welcome, At Home with Loretta, James and three of the best durn fur-babies this side of the Mississippi! (We think so anyway!) LOL. Well, until the next time...Keep Smiling...Love.....Loretta


  1. What a fab idea! Never thought of freezing them. Guess what ... I'm going to be looking for bargains on them now. TY for sharing.

    Hope you have had a lovely weekend, sweetie.

    Hope you had a lovely holiday.
    TTFN ~

  2. I love the idea of freezing onions. I didn't know one could though. I guess next time I have an abundance of them that it what I will do. Thank you for the nice description of how it is done. I can say I have learned something today. You are very inspiring and sweet.
    by the way how does one respond to a comment on a blog, do you know and can you tell me?

  3. Hi Judith, you comment on your blog just as you would others. Hope this helps. Thanks you for your lovrly response. Hugs! Loretta

  4. I never knew you could freeze green onions. Thanks for the instructions, Loretta....Christine

  5. Now I wish I'd frozen more green onions when they were so available here earlier this summer. Ah well, live and learn. I do that kind of freezing with strawberries and rhubarb. Get 'em frozen individually before bagging so they don't clump. Smart!

  6. I freeze yellow onions but never really thought about freezing green onions. I'll have to give that a try next time.


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