Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Thoughtless Wednesday

SIGH.... Update: See my comment about My Thoughtless. Thanks!


  1. When i look at this photo, all sorts of memories of my grandson comes to mind. He sticks out his tongue each time he's told "not to do". He is so aggravating at times!I've threatened to pinch it and he sticks it out again! Ughhh! Then, when I saw this photo, I threw my hands up with a sigh...
    Even the cat does it!!!

  2. That photo is too stinkin' cute, Loretta. Reminds me of when I was a stinker ... chuckle.

    Will read Sherry your note tonight. TY for sharing.
    Have a lovely eve ~

  3. Too cute!
    Kitty looks sleepy but I bet that grandson is just having fun with you.
    Anytime they are told not to do ~ well that just invites them to DO it or so that is the way it worked with my kids at that age.


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