Saturday, June 18, 2011

Weekend Musings

A good way to keep cool

Hi to everyone! If you live in the South, then you have to be experiencing this hot, humid, miserable weather! We are inside with the air conditioners, units, fans, ceiling fans...everything and it is still hot! It is still in the mid-90's as I write this post, and rising to 105 today with the heat index!  There is a heat advisory today!

It will only cool down to the high 80's-low 90's tonight, with no rain in sight! is hot! Keep Cool!

 Heat Index reaching 105 degrees, could it be worse? Maybe, but let's pray not! Although, there are some in other lands living in much higher temps than these. A blessing for us? I would say, YES!  
                                                        Keep Cool!

   I must tell you, I have had a nice week reading as many blogs as possible and love what you gals have to share and offer. Creativity abounds...where anyone can learn a little something each and everyday.
                                                         Keep Cool!

What's good about this is: you don't have to pay a penny! It is all free of charge from ladies around the world willing to give.
                                                         Keep Cool!

So, all of you out there in Blogland, tell your neighbors, your friends, relatives, everyone, if they want to learn about crafts, sewing, cooking, painting, thrift shopping, farming, decor', gardening, flowers, family, inspirationals, and the list goes on...just search the blogs!

                                                Keep Cool!

                           It is our sincere hope that all of you have a restful and wonderful weekend!

                                                          Keep Cool!
"May you have peace and happiness, and a life of calm and serenity as the waters of the sea".

Thanks for stopping by. We love having you here. Please come again and see what we are up to at our house. Blessings to All!  Until then...
 Luv- Loretta


  1. I live in Atlanta and know just what you mean about the hot temps. The photos in your post help to feel cool :-)

  2. Wish I could send some of our cool weather to you and take a smidgeon of yours, lol... Yes I agree. Blogging teaches us so much. It is such a wealth of knowledge and I love the fact everyone is so willing to share their talents.

  3. I wish I could send you some of our cooler weather, too. It's in the low 80s and sunny. Probably won't last for long, but it's great weather to walk around and enjoy. I lived in Nashville for several summers and I know how sticky and humid it can get.


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