Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thrift Makeover

Hello to everyone. Hope your day a cheerful one! With temps now in the mid-90's here so early in the morning, we will be inside again today.
  This mirror has been in a number of my photos, but I failed to tell you it was a thrift store find from a thrift store in Georgia.

It was a mirror from a dresser leaning against a wall in the shop and really quite heavy.  I thought I would look it over and pondered where it could be used in the house. It was an old dull brown, nothing special (sorry I don't have before pics because it was done several years ago), but think about the dull color it was at the time! My son thought it was a crazy buy at $5, but I had ideas for repurposing it even before I paid for it!
  I cleaned it up, but the mirror had a bit of oxidation in the lower corner, so I removed the back, cleaned it and lightly spray painted with a silver paint to cover the annoying small, dark spot. It worked! Then, I spray painted the frame a bright red. Yes red!
 After it was completely dry, I spray painted it with a high quality gold paint. Gold leaf was out of the question at the time, so I gilded it with the paint! Then, added the wood embellishments. I think it turned out super and I love the red tones. I get a lot of compliments for this $5 mirror!
 We hope you enjoy your visit and please come again to see what's happening in our house.

Have A Beautiful Wednesday! Hugs all Around... Loretta

This was the place I had in mind for it. At the old house, it was hung on the wall but, here I decided to lean it with a little support and drama.

There are three wooden decorative pieces added at the bottom

This is the opposite wall with the hutch. I love creating little vignettes all over the house and changing them. Sometimes they actually tell a story. Thanks for visiting our house!


  1. I like the mirror and pleased to know you bought it from a thrift store in Georgia. It's always fun to find nifty things! Thanks for visiting my blog & commenting :)

  2. Your mirror does look nice...I'm sure an improvement from the dark wood it had before! The gold looks very nice...and it looks nice the way you have it placed. Hope you are having a good week. Karen


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