Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tutorial...How To Make Jambalaya

  Good Tuesday Friends! How are you today? Wishing you all well. As promised, here's the recipe for Louisiana Jambalaya. Let's get started:      

After washing chicken, I seasoned with cajun seasoning, old bay, salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder, then rubbed the
seasoning into the meat. I chose the wings because they hold their form well in the pot.

I browned the meat on both sides to keep the juices from the pot

Then added to the pot of boiling water and adding a can of chicken broth into it.

Using frozen okra, it was put into a skillet to cook slowly on a low heat. This allows the removal of the nasties most don't like from the okra. Cook for about 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, cut up celery, bell peppers, and onions to go in the pot, as much as desired

Then, add to the pot with the tomatoes (I used canned ones 3 regular sized cans) and one large can of tomato paste; allow to simmer 20 minutes or until veggies are tender
Meanwhile, slice link sausage, I used down home sausage, because I prefer the spices, and it is not hot. Fry them  until browned, then add to the pot

Allow sausage to simmer in pot for 10 minutes. Then, season to taste. Salt, if needed, garlic and onion powder, old bay, etc. Allow to simmer. This gives the seasoning time to go through the pot and contents.

I've cooked the rice, but I don't mix it in the pot as Jabalaya is normally done. I like to mix it in my plate, because this gives me a chance to ladle in exactly how much and what I want from the pot. Now, it is time to divide the pots so the Shrimp can be added to one.

This is the big pot

And, this is the smaller pot for the Shrimp to be added

Only the best from the Gulf, peeled and cleaned, large Shrimp ready for the small pot. Add and allow to cook until Shrimp are pink, 7 to 8 minutes

Get the salad fixings ready and make the salad

Toast the bread, and make it crusty, then...Yum! Yum!
Bowl with Shrimp and crusty bread

Bowl without, and crusty bread

A clean salad (no dressing) with cracked pepper. All served with a tall glass of iced tea. How divine!


  1. looks like a great recipe and that's a fine looking frying pan!

  2. Looks great Im savin this one thanks Loretta!

  3. What a wonderful recipe for authentic Jambalaya. Thank you!

  4. The whole meal looks so yummy Loretta! Thanks for sharing! I am so inspired to make Jambalaya now! Angie xo


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