Friday, June 24, 2011

Thrift Finds At Work

  There aren't many in these shots, however, I wanted to show you the progress I've made in unpacking and putting things away. Finally, we brought the clock home. It is a tight fit, but ok. That's because I kept the 2 blue antique loveseats and the floral antique couch that came with the house. You might have seen them in previous photos. They need some serious steam cleaning when we get settled.

The dinning room and living room are ready now. I think I've changed them at least ten times! I"ve always taken pics of the buffet, because the hutch was still in a mess, so I have it done now.

This is the other side of the dining room with the hutch. There are plantation style doors in all the rooms with the exception of the mst. bedroom and back bedroom. This hutch is over 30 years old.
This shot is one from the hall, coming into the kitchen. I gave my roosters a showy place to rest.

 These chairs and the dinning room table belonged to mom, and I snatched them up before they went  on the fire...all antiques! You have to know,  my mom has this thing about burning things. If you want it, then you have to be quick! LOL. My shot of the table was off. I'll get another. I've covered the seats and now working on tightening them.

 These are all shots of the hutch. It is something about a wall (above) not being dressed that really annoys me.

This old photo I bought in St Petersburg Florida when we lived there in the 80's. I paid $20 for it. I have it hanging on the wall above the floral sofa in the living room. I love the patina on the frame.

I tried to get a closer shot. Folks I should not be doing anything today because I 'm having these dizzy spells, but I had to keep going today, so much to do...I thought if I sat down, I wouldn't make it up! Sorry about the pics.
I think I've covered all the bases, and if I missed anything, or messed up, let me know. Boy, I'm experiencing all kinds of things in my old age!
 Come on back again and see what we've got for you the next time around. Don't be a stranger, bring some friends and pull up a chair, there is always something going on at our house. "Ya'll come back, ya here...we love all the company."
 And, if you are new in our house, welcome, welcome...we're glad you're here! Look around and see all the goodies  you've missed! Well, it's near my bedtime and folks I'm feeling poorly, so, until the next time..."Goodnight to you all and sweet dreams!"  Loretta

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  1. Your house look so nice and welcoming. Wishing I could sit at the table sharing some rhubarb cake with you, and your bread from the other day! Love the chairs you show that were your mothers too.
    Just got in from mowing the grass, and the lawn mower is breaking down. Needs some new gears in the steering system, ish!
    Hope you have a great weekend Loretta. jo


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