Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Oh Happy Rainy Days!

 Yes, that's right, we are finally getting rain! The temp is 77 degrees and it is sooo cool and pleasant! No more heat and smoke from fires! All the lawns on our street are burned and whithered. We need it!
   It was a site to see all of the neighbors coming out of their homes and standing on their porches watching the rain come down. What a welcoming site...this is the first time I've seen them since moving in!
  The forecast is rain for the next 2 days. A blessing because we have wild fires burning uncontrollably in our immediate area. Homes are being threatened because somebody wanted to play with matches!
  We want to thank you for your comments to us about the hot, hot weather we were having, it helped us to get by.
   For us in our little corner of the world,  these are some happy days!
 Stay cool...Hugs!
It is really coming down

Then, it started to come down harder, suddenly, the thunder roared and lightning was frightful. Children were playing in the park across the street in the rain, I'm praying they got out of there before the lightning!


  1. You are sweet to worry about the kids. I am prayin for that rain its hot in Texas ugh!

  2. Rain is such a blessing when the earth is dry and parched.

  3. So glad for the rain there and that it sticks around for awhile :)

  4. wow look at all that rain! We've had a bit of a rainy couple of week here in blighty :o) Scarlett x

  5. Yay for rain! it is also raining here at the moment in the UK, the plants are getting a good drink. Your porch looks so cute :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  6. I've followed you back! hopefully it goes through - I've been having trouble w/ that lately.

    Love the Synopsis of Neuropsychiatry book by the way - my background is in neuropsychology, so I'm a total nerd for such things :-)

  7. we have had rain here too these past few days.. I'm praying for more sunny days! hugs thks for visiting my blog.. hugs to you

  8. We've had so much rain here too! I can't wait to see the sun again.


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